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20160314_17511720160318_185402Hello to those who clicked my link to see if I posted anything as of recently and thank you XoXo! This past week has been full of surprises to say the least but I shall save the VERY personal stories for when I blow up and start vlogging and etc lol. Oh how the times have changed lol anyway for now I will stick to the outer layers of my life and the things or people in it that make it worth wild! Shout out to my mom, her Uncle (my great Uncle) and Aunt in Harlem who may read this one day. I love you all very much. Shout out to all the GOOD and CARING Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers and Principles that still exist. The communities of people everywhere and I thank you for your contributions! I thank the creator daily for the gift of opening my eyes and having food, clothes, shelter, my loved ones and for being in my right mind…… (Takes a deep breath) Now, onto what has lifted my spirits in such trying times. As you may have noticed, espeacially if you follow me on instagram is that I’am a huge geek! I call myself the “well rounded geek of 2016″….its okay go ahead and laugh! Well, I enjoy watching various youtubers do their unboxings of subscription box/bag services they utilize and always discover something new. This week I learned of the Super Geek Box! And their theme for March was LIGHTENING! They gave a cute talking sonic plush keychain, an awesone blue t-shirt that featured a husky Sonic sitting next to a bowl of onion rings and holding a onion ring as the words above him read “Hoard of the Rings” lol. There was some other stuff that Im sure everyone enjoyed getting like the poster that showed a dragon ball Z character vs superman and…well I cannot the recall the rest because the tee and plush stole the show for me! I swear I was so saddened to just learn of this box as it is now sold out 😢. I thought I had a handle on the various boxes of this sort and their themes but I was wrong. You win some and you lose some (Shruggs) Meanwhile, I was pleasantly pleased with my Beauty Bags both Lipmonthly and Ipsy. My anime box from Lootcrate was a eeehhhhh yes I loved it because of the RWBY shirt, Manga and keychain but that was it. Im of age and all but would have loved a coffee mug vs the shot glasses. Thats just me. Check out Lootcrate for yourself! Other than my subscription uplift moments I get so much joy from cooking and playing with my make up collection. Im sort of a perfectionist or rather anal so practice makes perfect! My lil one and his cousins have taught me so much about myself this week as children are so observant and can be very optimistic. They were one of the biggest up lifting mechanisms thus far. Life is so interesting. Many cannot see themselves but regardless they are being seen. That makes everything worth wild as in life you go through things that allow you to see just who and how many individuals are really great human beings. Anyway….I hope those still reading have something or someone (s) that give them life everyday. And when I recieve some other subscription goodies I decided to try out thanks to good ole coupon codes I will be sure to talk about them and post pics. Until next time✌

Sat. 3/19/16 2:58pm

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