My April 2016 Geeky Subscription box Haul!!!!!

Lets just get into it! First box to arrive was the Geekfuel Monthly Mystery Box! 20160421_205422

I heard some Doctor Who stuff would be inside and I was not disappointed! I got a Doctor Who comic and a set of Doctor Who coasters! The t – shirt was cool! And the star wars figure was pretty neat to see in this box!




The second box to come was the Lootcrate Core box! Lootcrate has sooo many different kinds of boxes like an anime one I also subscribed for!20160422_161508

Love everything! Espeacially the Lootcrate pin and shirt!


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My first Candy Club box and Universal Yums Box! (Former post stated it was the Treatsie box despite the clear uploaded pics of the Universal Yums box, please excuse the error! Sorry Treatsie and Universal Yums for the mix up )

Puffbands and Eco Gel OH MY!

It is 4:37AM in the #NYC 4/6/16 (Weds) as I type this on instagram….I woke up early as hell as usual thanks to my rountine bathroom trip and looked in the mirror and thought OKAY! I normally use my own headbands I create with various materials from old shirts or sweats and etc but I ordered these #Afro #puffbands to see how they would work out. I love that my hair is not being pulled yet it stays in place and with only two loops around! Then, because of various youtubers sharing this #EcoGel in their #hairtutorials I felt compelled to try it. Well, look at my hair a whole 24hrs later with IMG_20160406_044545NO SCARF USED WHILE SLEEPING! My #hair is still being held strong. No flacking or hardness. This Gel is amazing! Very grateful to those who share good product info! Alright….time for some music ✌….or will I actually go back to sleep. Dun dun dun

If you would like to purchase some Puffbands ($7.99) and Eco Gel ($6.49) (I have a prime account so cost may vary) check them out on!

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11:36pm April 2nd 2016 Hello!

Well, I have not blogged every single day as I had hoped to but thats because life is a Rollercoaster! Anyway, Im up giddy because I talked myself into trying three new subscriptions out for April and they are as follows …

This one  above ☝looks similar to the 1upbox I have tried in the past! The past tee shirts caught my eyes 👀

The next one is …the

Geek Fuel Box, they announced that a EXCLUSIVE Dr. Who item would be in their April box along with their niche a Steam downloadable game and other goodies! Just click either link provided to check it out! Geekfuel

Last but not least, I shall be trying out this snack box called Universal Yums! Their theme or niche rather is that you will recieve  yummy snacks, salty and sweet from a different Country every month. So lets say April box will be France…actually March or February ‘s box was France but you get the point. The next month could be Russia or Japan…anyway I’m really looking forward to that!

If you guys are as geeky or as big as a foodie as I am then feel free to click the links you see above highlighted and enjoy! Aha 11:56pm….I made it! GOODNIGHT 😪😪😪