April 2016 Treatsie box!


20160426_181111First box I used a code to recieve extra treats. So as you can see I was sent twice the amount of goodies Mmmm!20160426_181408-1

Out of everything me and my little one enjoyed the Ticket Chocolate bars named Grasshopper Pie Bar (minus the grasshopper) the most! The thin layer of chocolate over cookie with a light mint chocolate distribution was AWESOME!


These coconut infused macroons looked and smelled great but just were not my cup of tea. After expressing such on instagram the company showed such terrific customer service by reaching out to me to send me a different flavor. Sadly, for me knowing all of their options include coconut I could not accept. But I’am more than happy to spread the news to those who fancy shredded coconut treats to check out Stay Sweet Mac !


The next treat was some salted caramel corn that I have to say I would enjoy much more if they were not salted. Nevertheless, these Zlicious Confections  are delicious


Lastly, in the box was 4 or 5 lollipops….Im down to only two now. I can say that these are really good fruity pops. Only one so far had actual gum inside so that was different. Not knowing if I would find gum inside or not in these Glee Gum lollipops.


Click the title Treatsie if you would like to give them a try and discover some gourmet treats like I did!

4/28/16 @ 1:18PM

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