It’s the little things….May Ipsy bag Spoiler alert!

Well, Hello again! As you can see from my last blog post I know just how messed up the world is or just how messed up a large majority of the people in this world can be. I use to be obsessed with informing others of this and of my faith to enlighten and save them but not anymore. I know not everyone is mentally prepared to have the wool pulled from over their eyes. And I hate wasting my time and/or breath. I also hate debating when most know less than me but use other means or tactics to appear knowlegeable or big and bad lol. It gets rather old and boring. What is meant for some is not meant for all is my understanding as to date. Instead, I share whatever I come across daily that reflects what I have already known and then go to my escape zone of make up, music, literature, Mangas, Games and etc. That is if I have no assignments for my little one to complete or he has not made any requests of me lol. Since he has shown great improvements in certain areas I try to give in to activities that he wants to do that involves what all kids love these days. Tablets and Youtube mystery toy unboxings….or Shopkins. Yup! But onto the point of this blog and semi highlight of my day. My Ipsy spoiler email that led me to their site where I saw my May Ipsy Bag goodies! And here they are below…






As you can see everything I shall recieve will be super useful and for $10.89 a month this experience really cant be beat!  If you want to check this subscription service out just click this link Ipsy or any of the highlighted words! Oh yea, due to my accumulated points from reviewing products, sharing on social media and those who used my link to subscribe I selected these two lippies by Modelco to recieve along with my May Bag! Yeessss Im lovin’ it. Its the little things…..


5/6/16 Friday @ 2:23pm

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