EggDrop! (MiniMystery bag Subscription


Now, how could I resist this!!!! Eggdrop, has various mystery or surprise bags that they send to you vs buying them individually which can get a little pricey. However, from the feedback I read and watched I learned that you get just about what you would spend elsewhere on this box. Only difference is that you dont know what you will be getting so if you like mysteries this is up your alley. I thought I would try this more so for my LO who is into watching the youtube mystery bag openings/unboxings like the shopkins and marvel mystery collect them all bags and Kinder surprise eggs videos. He should love this no matter what he receives and so I dont think I will feel disappointed.  I must admit I saw my favorite youtuber Nerdy Newb do an unboxing for May already but that was my first time seeing an unboxing so Im not sure if we all get identical boxes or not? I hope not so my LO can get at least one Shopkins surprise bag but if not (shruggs) the mystery of the others will be enough for him Im sure. If you are interested in these boxes then click this link  Eggdrop, SAVE and enjoy 😉 Write you later!

*Update, I subscribed in May before the 10th when they start shipping so I actually wont get the first box til June. I forgot that was the case. So I’ll keep hope alive for a Shopkins item in the June box for my LO*

5/18/16 (wed) @ 11:41 AM

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