OMG! How could I forget???

I did receive my May 2016 Universal Yums Box! But want to give a more detailed review after I have tried and hopefully enjoyed all the treats. But here is a pic of the Greece themed box I recieved 😄 I will be back here in this post to review a little later.


05/18/16 @12:23 PM

*Update* Okay, so today is Thursday June 16, 2016 8:32PM and after receiving the USA box for June I can say I love this box even more now that it is gone…..well all except for the tea that I shall try tomorrow morning! I forgot to take individual pictures of the items but I did upload a video to youtube and will leave the link below. I have to say that my favorite items were the Bread sticks and the Orange Chocolate bar that had a very very small hint of orange if any! My least favorite items were the Nougat with wafer sides and some sort of nut and those Rose flavored gummies 😵 lol. Just horrible really in my opinion who wants rose scented breath? Well, apparently someone does so I’ll shut up! Write you later! Youtube video for May 2016 Universal Yums Greece Box!

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