The trend I just so happened to learn of lol!

Hello everyone reading, I recently discovered by accident who Pat Mcgrath was and the limited edition highlighter that she put out a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, ¬†Sephora was one of the main places to get the product. Perhaps, everyone who wears make up knew all the above but I sure didn’t! ¬†So when I stumbled upon these twins on youtube expressing their excitement I was taken aback….Twins first impressions



Naturally I searched for other youtubers of other shades who have used the product and found one who demonstrated a swatch as well…Cynthia B


I saw another who I failed to screenshoot and wont for you can search youtube and find a very huge selection of various different types of people who swatched these products as many purchased the goldtone highlighter and the pink highlighter. The twins pictured above did say each was $72 dollars but Im not sure if that was including tax or not so I rounded it up to $80. You can click the highlighted links above to watch the full youtube video reviews the ladies above uploaded. I think the product in either color is beautiful and in fairness it was three pieces included. A stick with two different applications the pigmented highlighter and a brush. Along with the fact that a well know Black make up artist put this out I suppose it wouldn’t be any cheaper. Would I buy it? NO. I can play around with my pigmented eye shadows to achieve the same look and have. But to each their own. I rather enjoy creating looks with unexpected products. (My ONLY exception would be if I ran out of ALL the stuff I have and actually found my way to a Sephora or their website….then it would be the Goldtone ONLY) I was just surprised that I did not hear much on IG about this as the youtubers proclaimed. Well, thats all folks….my two cents on a trend I didn’t know was occurring. Be on the look out for Goldtone and pink highlighted cheek bones gallore this summer!

5/22/16 (Mon) 12:39AM

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