My first Gamer Girl Monthly Box!


Hello again! How are you? Im finnnneee 😎😎😎 literally. Anyway, I recently recieved my first ever Gamer Girl Monthly box for May and the theme was Attack! Now, Im not the biggest gamer. I only play games on my psp. Throwback I know BUT when I saw the past cute game related accessories I could not resist. I did not think about how I have sensitive skin and cannot wear all custom jewelry when I decided to subscribe I just hoped for the best. Well, I got the box as you will see from the images below and tried wearing the earrings and the burning irritation was immediate ( fyi, I once had my belly button pierced in the past and that first ring that MANY get with any piercing was used and taught me a valuable lesson on how sensitive my skin is and to remember that…..needless to say I dont have a belly piercing now. I wont even bother with it again using solid Gold or silver either-I’M TRAUMTIZED)Anyway, 😕😧😧😧😢😢😢😢 those playstation earrings were my favorite item out of the four items we recieved too! Oh well, see pics below! I also shared a video on youtube and will try to leave the link here later for that. (Youtube video link below now)

Youtube video of Gamer Girl Monthly May 2016









So the Halo ring is cute. The Great smelling Bath Bomb that they associated with the Final fantasy game should be awesome when used and the Final fantasy necklace is of decent quality. Sadly, I will have to give away the Playstation earrings 😟😟😟 Overall I would rate this box a 8 out of 10 with 10 being the best. I have not rated boxes like this before but will start. I like everything they sent and feel it was worth my $13.99. Adding in the fact that the WOW factor of this and other boxes is that we dont know what to expect even with a theme its still a SURPRISE! I do wish shipping was free but hey 👐 You win some and you lose some lol. I also wish that some sensitive skin jewelry was sent but again you win some and you lose some. For this reason I wont get the June box but I will definately be watching the various social media sites to see what everyone recieved!


Well, if you dont have sensitive skin I would definately reccomend this box! I will share the image of the subsription details below so ENJOY! Write you later!




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