My First couple of experiences with Mask Sheets!

Hello Hello….hello! So, I recieved my first mask sheets ever in my entire life in my April 2016 Ipsy bag. And it was actually the last product I opened from that bag.




Approximately three days ago I tried one of the two Purlisse Lotus + Seaweed Sheet Masks and FULLY ENJOYED it! (As you can see from the pics above) It was so cooling and I loved the aroma of the masks ingredients that got to sit on my face for 15 mins. It was awesome. And I had 0 skin irritations! I loved it so much I gave the other to my uncle to give to his wife! Im weird. I know when most people love something they dont share….well Im only like that when it comes to Pitaschio Haagen Dazs ice cream and Baileys Irish Cream! Im so serious (-_-) lol. Well, I know Ipsy which by the way if unfamiliar with you can learn more about from some of my earlier blogs. Quick catch up for you though. It is a $10.89 a month beauty subscription that sends out 4 -5 deluxe or full size products in a different styled make up bag every month. Okay, got it? Good! Now, I know Ipsy offers discount codes on most of the stuff we get so I checked the site and saw that the actual company offered a discount on their site so I went over to Purlisse’ website and discovered the following shownScreenshot_2016-05-05-18-37-16I

Riiigghhhht so one mask is $8.00….😯😣😧….and a pack of 6 is $36.00. Now, I bet the ingredients used make these worth this much I wont say that they are not worth it. And therefore  I’am very grateful to Ipsy for giving me not one but 2 of these maskes valued at $8.00 each when I also got other items in my bag that cost me only $10.89! But I didn’t have it like that since I always look to try out different subscription services each month. So, I did the next best thing and logged onto Amazon where the Purlisse masks could not be found BUT I stumbled upon these pictured below…


Now, I didn’t even take the time to compare the ingredients I just added these “I’m Real” variety pack sheet mask of 11 for $11.48 (Amazon Prime account price) by TonyMoly to my cart and hoped for the best! (You only see 10 in pic above because I offered one to my cousin in law to try. She selected the Seaweed sheet mask) Well, let me tell you I was not disappointed…….much.  The one I actually used less than an hour ago was the Clear Skin one in the white packaging. It smelled great but it was much more cooling than the Purlisse to the point that I thought it would burn my face but it didn’t lol. I rubbed some onto my neck because I enjoyed the aroma and it kind of irritated my neck. I became itchy but for only a few mins. This did not occur with the Purlisse brand one. Overall, since the irritations were short lived and my face was unaffected all that time I forgave what occured and already made up my mind to use another one next week. As each has different purposes and ingredients the others may or may not give me the same experience. The one I used was named Rice Mask… see pic below 😊…



I really like how my face looks after removing the mask that I kept on for 20 mins as this brand said 20 – 30 mins on face. Sorry about the upside down pictures like the one below…


I have to figure out how to rotate them even though they are fine prior to downloading here….uuurrgghhh. Anyway, I dont know what I will try next but I shall blog about it! Otherwise….what was the whole point of starting this up….right?…Yea ….I’ll shut up now. Write you later ✌

5/5/16 Thursday @7:26pm