What more can we do?


Hello, Im back again to talk not about a subscription box but my day. Today, I purposely styled me and my LO’s outfit to match as well as our hair. We both rocked our hair out to enjoy the weather and feel comfortable. Since we are black aka African American aka African decendants  our hair defys gravity  (a wonderful perk of our DNA) and our hair stood up and out which is known as an Afro! The first person to compliment us was someone in our own community who happened to be an older black women. The next was a man who almost got in a car accident complimenting us and then my niece’s little classmates at her school. Unfortunately, as I had expected the type of black people who would have something negative to say with their mouths and eyes appeared but I paid them no mind and they quickly shut up. I thought to myself why is it that in 2016 with all the available knowledge do we still have ignorant black people but then I remembered the Chemtrails being sprayed in our sky daily. And gases underground via  the MTA said to be a harmless gas for test run practice in case of a terrorist attack…..I remembered the drugged and unatural foods that occupy 95% of the shelves all over America. I remembered the vaccines that cripple people mentally and then I remembered the entertainment world where most celebs push straight or curly hair they grew or wear from someone else. I remembered that to be you is now frowned upon. That saying good hair only applies to straight hair that shines and not full thick coarse hair that defys gravity and comes natural for people of color. I forgot that too many are still brainwashed and therefore hate themselves and could never do what I did. To just comb my African inherited hair out, moisturize, shake and go takes a certain amount of freedom. Mental freedom, that allowed me to be able to see me as beautiful. To want to represent myself to the world and not project a worldy image of myself yet again today. To hear those snickers and “look at her” comments but dispose of them just as fast as I heard them. Im free to do me in 85 degree weather meanwhile they are extra hot trying to save face with those who could careless wheter they lived or died. I love my wigs and acquring different looks from them but I never avoid my own look or prevent others from seeing what I truly look like. Because I’am not ashamed. Im beautiful with or without fake hair. With or without make up. Iam enough.

I hope everyone transcends to a higher realm of being so that we all can be happy, comfortable, respectful, love ourselves and each other. Its asking for alot but we have come a long way that I believe anything is possible. What more can anyone do but be the change that they want to see. Thanks for reading. Until next rant…..I mean time 😎 Stay true….Clearly my true self feels silly 😏 ⬇


6/4/16 @ 8:22PM

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