June 2016 Universal Yums Box….

Hello everyone! Im just going to start out by saying that I was utterly disappointed by the USA snack themed box this month. Compared to the Greece box last month this one was lacking point blank. I dont even want to type about it. I will just leave the link to one of my youtube videos about it below. I made two because at first I didn’t use the flash due to having a low battery and then I re-recorded with flash aka switched phones lol. So heres the link to the second video with the flash for better viewing June 2016 Universal Yums USA Box

Ah man….thats all I will share for now. Kind of busy so I will be back with another post when my Ipsy Bag and/or Eggdrop box for my little one finally arrives! Whichever one comes first. Write you later

6/14/16 @12:19PM

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