July 2016 Universal Yums Box!


This months Universal Yum Yums Box did not disappoint!  The snacks this month came from Taiwan and that is a place I hope to visit some day. There were strawberry flavored corn puffs, pea and sushi flavored chips. Some very DELICIOUSLY seasoned dry noodles called Prince that were meant to eat like chips vs adding water and microwaving. Snacks made with beans and other’s with chocolate that arrived semi melted but after a few mins in the freezer were good to go! This box totally made up for the USA themed box and I look forward to next month when we will recieve snacks from Brazil! I have actually tried my hand at making a couple of popular Brazilian desserts so Im very excited! I’ll be back to share the link to my youtube unboxing and apologize in advance for the viewing image as my phone was dying but I knew I had to record then or half the goodies would be gone by the time my phone was charged. The box lasted only 3 days! If you want to you can check my youtube out its Tiegroovething! *Youtube link for video July 2016 Universal Yums Taiwan Box * Im expecting my first ever Degustaboxus so look out for that video unboxing and blog post. Until next time

*July 28th 2016 @ 8:14pm*

Unexpected Eggdrop Box!


I recieved the July 2016 Eggdrop box and thought it was an error and contacted the company to inform them of such. Yea yea Im a “goody two shoes” lol. I cannot lie and say I was not happy to get it because it was full of Shopkin items my LO loves! But I was not charged for this box as I had unsubscribed the month before so it didn’t sit well with me and I contacted them. An error was made. But at least I was not incorrectly billed after unsubscribing. It’s great that sort of error did not occur! So we got an eggdrop box on the house it seems and I still recommend them for your LO’s who may like tsum tsum, shopkins, Marvel, dinosaurs and other miniature figure mystery bags. You can check out an earlier post I have up to learn more about the company.

*July 12th 2016 @ 8:39pm*

Hey there…


I have not said anything in a while….hmmmm have I been waiting for some boxes to talk about….I suppose so. Have I been busy? Sort of. Im a learner, I love learning so I utilize today’s technology and social media platforms and video sharing sites to learn and discover all sorts of things for it is a big world out there. Although nothing compares to actually traveling this suffices me for now. I recently learned thing’s about Christianity or rather what many take for granted and dont know. I discovered some great Korean dishes from Maangchi’s channel on Youtube. Several deserts from well known IG members. Found some really awesome and talented unsigned artists and musicians on IG and Youtube…..Awesome lyricists such as Abyssthabyssness and Chev Robinson, Lee England Jr the violinist with AWESOME COVERS! Talented Brazilian singer Henry Wallace (Good luck on EX FACTOR!), Smooth vocals and talented Guitarist/Singer Cedric Johnson (CedricJohnsonmusic on IG), soulful sounding Lauren Cameron, and the Concious MC Dr.Boney to name a few whose music can be found on the Soundcloud and Youtube. Sad to say but mainstream music and artists are not for me. International music/artist like Afro Pop artist Yemi Alade or the Korean Male Pop Group “Big Bang” on the other hand are! Found some great new authors thanks to social media in general and amazon reviews. Whenever, I have downtime I’m learning. Whenever Im bored I’m learning. I truely believe a mind is a terrible thing to waste and nothing is more fun than being able to converse about various subjects or topics. Well, until I receive one of my monthly subscription boxes and fyi I will be trying out the Degustaboxus! (Try code FBMOB9 to get your first box for $9.99 or my code TIESHAG-8C6 for a discount sorry I dont know how much of a discount) I may come here to just encourage such things like setting a goal to learn one new thing everyday! Maybe, I’ll “beat” my face and do a make up review. Maybe I’ll do a book review……maybe an Album review. Ah, I can’t wait for the controversial David Banner Album to drop. Whoever is reading this can feel free to comment. I love to cook and bake so perhaps later on I’ll share some recipes. Hmmmm this has become a open Diary 😂😂 Well until next time. ✌

July 6th 2016 @ 1:02pm