Unexpected Eggdrop Box!


I recieved the July 2016 Eggdrop box and thought it was an error and contacted the company to inform them of such. Yea yea Im a “goody two shoes” lol. I cannot lie and say I was not happy to get it because it was full of Shopkin items my LO loves! But I was not charged for this box as I had unsubscribed the month before so it didn’t sit well with me and I contacted them. An error was made. But at least I was not incorrectly billed after unsubscribing. It’s great that sort of error did not occur! So we got an eggdrop box on the house it seems and I still recommend them for your LO’s who may like tsum tsum, shopkins, Marvel, dinosaurs and other miniature figure mystery bags. You can check out an earlier post I have up to learn more about the company.

*July 12th 2016 @ 8:39pm*

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