Patiently awaiting the BOBO’S Box and MORE!

Hey everyone, how’s it hanging? Im inside laying down trying to rest….yes “trying” is the operative word lol. All the sad racial inspired events all over this Country and beyond is really getting to be too much. Too much to consume and then say hey everything is great in America! To say racism is a thing of the past. To say an officers job is to protect and serve! Sorry but no one is buying that narrative anymore. The cats out the bag!  I actually think many (citizens and those who joined the police force to do good) will need psychological help after each day that pasts with mainstream media defending killers in uniform time and time again and social media and REAL independent reporters showing the real videos of horrific crimes everyday with a person of colors life being lost. Then, to walk outside in my predominantly black community along with many others and see the “I dont care about life anymore attitude exhibited or I dont care what others think so Im gonna curse outloud and act a fool and etc” the youth have adopted because they see and know the injustices is nothing new to their people but are told to go to school and etc as if everything in society/their neighborhoods are ok…. or that they are safe. Yea……that’s not going to work much longer. People all over need to address the elephant in the room. Pick a side and stay there! If you care about ALL LIVES which means you understand why people of color keep saying Black lives matter then acknowledge when injustices are systematically being carried out! If you dont then….go scream “Make America Great Again” raise the US flag and keep up the good show of patriotism in the face of civil unrest (shruggs). As for me I know the mentalities of the majority of people walking around are everywhere so I shall stay to myself. Speak positive into existence for those who cant picture it and continue to enjoy this thing called life in my own way that really seems like a dream sometimes. “Row Row Row your boat…gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream” A youtuber I recently subscribed to spoke about this…anyway onto the reason you clicked the link and opened this post! I always watch Nerdy Newb’s unboxings on youtube and she introduced us to BoBos (Big ol Box of stuff) subscription service box  that caters to the same sorts of geeks and nerds that Lootcrate and others cater to with TWO exceptions!  ONE, you answer a survey where you check boxes and answer questions so that your box is more personalized and TWO you will not be automatically charged for the next months box. You pay in August and get your first box shortly after and then nothing unless YOU go to their website and pay for the next box! Win win to me. So you get to see what they are all about with the first box and skip the next month and every other month if you want or pay for the next one. So Im patiently waiting to see if what I wrote in will be used to fill my box. Crossing fingers for DARIAS (old 90’s mtv animated series) merchandise and Bobs Burgers Merchandise! Other than that….ah Im a foodie and always want to make sure there is plenty of healthy food and snacks here for my LO so I bought a mystery box of food/snacks from the Company whose subscription service box I enjoyed but felt offered too little for the price and unsubscribed from called Love With Food! They have July Mystery boxes still available where you pay $19.99 for 25 – 35 items! Free shipping! And before I forget to mention this while here editing as I type this lol I started using this app called Influenster , I log in review items that I have used wheter I loved or hated them. Give input as to how they could have been improved and yea just enjoy giving my two cents about various products. As a gift for reviewing, answering others questions or participating in contests you are sometimes found qualified to recieve complimentary products for testing purposes! So I recieved some samples of Tresemme pre-wash and shampoo yesterday and gave them a try and reviewed them. I also posted a video on youtube that I’ll share the link to here later. If your interested in sharing your honest opinions and possibly receiving some items to try then click the link above! To check out “Love with food” you can check out my earlier posts in snacks/food subscriptions for their link! Until I get these boxes ya’ll stay safe. Stay HUMAN. TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Know that everyone is not the same and be the change you want to see. Later ✌

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