Hello Degusta US box August 2016 😍


I am in love with this box for it had so many good items! As you can see it had some known items like the Honey Bunches of Oats and Marie Cookies by Goya but the item I thought I would like the least I tried the other day and saved half of the bottle for today! That Pulp Free Aloe Vera water with Mangosteen and Mango Juice drink by ALO is EVERYTHING!  It tastes exactly like Lychee though…..I know because I recieved a pack of Lychee flavored HI CHEW in my July 2016 Universal Yums box that featured Taiwanese snacks! And IRONICALLY this drink is also made in Taiwan….hmmmm 👀 well thats all I can say about that lol. It taste more like Lychee with a hint of mango unless mangosteen tastes similar to lychee which I have never had. In any case this drink excited my taste buds and refreshed me so I immediately logged onto Amazon.com to find it. Well, sadly they only have the version with pulp so I have to check some supermarkets now. The other item that surprised me in this Degusta Box was the Loacker Chocolates called Loacker Rose of the Dolomite! I had only enjoyed the lemons wafers by Loacker that I was able to find in select stores in my area but now I will be searching for these delicious hazelnut and creamy chocolate bites by Loacker! I did try the Chipotle Mayonnaise by Sir Kensington and liked it! I plan on making some tuna sandwiches and using it tommorow. I have had this box for about a week or more now and got to fry some fish two days ago using the grapeseed flour by White Lily that was also included and it did the job! The cow tails by Goetze are not my cup of tea but the little ones love it so thats great for them as a treat. I still have to try the Chai tea by Oregon Chai ones of these days and will be back witb my two cents on that! The meat sticks by Vermont were satisfactory as well as the Popchips Ridges and I will look for them online to buy later. If you are interested in this subscription box it is $19.99 a month and your first box cab be sent to you at $9.99 if you check out my previous blog post entitiled “Patiently awaiting…..”  for the link and coupon code! Enjoy 😘


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