Never take pics when I should…(lost files….draft from July 2016)

Hello, how is everyone doing? Im doing okay 👌┬áThe heat is getting to me but more than that the random irritations of life. When unexpected and unfair events occur it can get anyone upset and does intially bother me but then I remember that there is so much more to life and way more good people in my corner than bad. That wheter I get the chance to be around them or not just the thought of them or their encouraging words make me forget all the irritations this life has to offer. Its so easy to feel down and out. Personal issues, community and global issues…urgh! Well, I did a pick me upper move and “beat” my face aka applied a heavy amount of make up and looked flawless and cute and did not take one pic -___-. Its irrelevant on the grander scale of things I know but Im just saying for the record that I loath myself when I do such good make up jobs and dont document them! What was I thinking…..oh yea, it was hot and I was surprised I was not melting. My LO had gotten my attention before I snapped a pic when done and I totally got in mama bear mode. Forgetting all about myself. No one talks about that delicate balance lol. Some forget all about the upkeep of themselves after motherhood and I was guilty of that the first two years. I had acne gallore (shivers) and shaved off all my hair for many reasons with one being it made my life easier. I have pics to prove it….but I’d rather share some other time lol. I said all the above to say to the mother’s reading this. Love your LO’s and dont forget about you. If you do I totally understand and I TOTALLY RESPECT THAT over a mom or dad that neglects their child (ren) to live their lives. Once you create another life it is no longer about you. Some inherit the instincts to nurse and protect their babies and others dont. I dont know if therapy should be immediate after child birth or not but it sure wouldn’t hurt today. Today’s world is so fast paced and hectic. Everyone is just trying to make a living and sample what it means to REALLY live. I’ll shut up now….I just felt like typing to you guys who may come across my blog. I felt like sharing what was on my mind. Hopefully, I dont forget to snap a pic of my little achievements that make me happy. Its always the little things. Speaking about little things! One of my snack subscription boxes should arrive today! I recieved my Ipsy bag yesterday but it so didn’t excite me. Even with the freebies I was able to add on with my points. Exhale, I’ll share pics of what I got later. Nothing thrilling this month just very small samples or products. If I get one more eyeshadow brush I’am going to SCREAM! 😨😨😨

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