The pressure/ harrassment from NYC’s free Universal Pre-k Program promoters + update

Hello to all those taking the time to read this as regular visitors or those here for the first time reading with pure curiosity!  Today, I thought about what I could share that perhaps many people are dealing with. Im a mom of one and that one is the most amazing being on the face of this earth to me. I love him dearly and strive to protect him as best as I can. See, my son was diagnosed on the spectrum (Autism) and as bright as he is he has trouble reacting as others would in certain situations. Not just anyone could or can deal with him, tolerate and redirect him when he is having trouble understanding a situation or transitioning from one thing to another. But thats not the problem on the bigger scale. Its that in my state he is not required to attend school right now YET I have been contacted non stop about  Universal pre-k enrollment for him. When he is “required” I have other options to choose from other than public school but the state of NY and city NYC would try and make parents think otherwise by means of miseducation and bullying. Not knowing/caring about every individual situation. Because there are many departments even if one knows and understands someone else from another will continue to harrass you on the matter. I was literally harrassed by means of mailings and phone calls all this year regarding Universal Pre-k that is NOT mandatory but seems to be the push. If my degree was not in Education and my child was extremely behind in any area including social skills (that the help he gets at home and outside already does actively target) I would have continued looking for suitable schools. However, me knowing my child and what his strengths and weakness’ are I know that not just any environment would do and he continues to thrive and stay injury free being taught by me at home and with the assigned therapists he continues to see. It appears because I was vocal about being harrassed via mail with flyers and phone calls from the Dept. of Ed all year long that to make themselves appear innocent in that regard I have now recieved mailings about what NYC “STRONGLY RECCOMENDS”(their words in all the letters about Universal Pre K) from our health care provider and another agency.

Now listen to this to understand my concerns on the matter of how just throwing all 4 year olds into school no matter their personal overall developments is not ideal for everyone. Of course, if you have to work outside your home and have no other choice whatsoever other than to put them in pre-k I understand your situation and send nothing but positive vibes towards you and your little ones. But if you are the type of parent who wants a break from your hopefully average developmentally wise 4 year old then you might not understand or even care. (I still send positive vibes to you and your little one) If you could careless though you can stop reading now for we are two completely different kinds of people. The other day I ONLY learned that the owner of the center where my child goes for therapy subbed for the PT (phyiscal therapist) because my sons inner right arm was bruised and swollen. We stepped outside when my little one told me he hurt his arm and that he fell. I went back in for answers and an ice pack. Of course the owner and others had no clue that he was hurt and wheter they were lying or not is up for grabs. Of course other matters like does he even have the creditials to have subbed for the physical therapist to begin with came to my mind among some others like why was I not told of such an arrangement for that day beforehand. See, I understand my child and that others WILL NOT care for him like I do even when they are suppose to be operating with his and others like him best interest at heart. People do what is best for them espeacially when a child is unable to convey in full details what has transpired and this is of the upmost importance and a very crucial factor to consider when sending your child to be with countless other kids barely supervised as the required staffing for 12 or more toddlers are unrealistic as the requirements for the assistant teachers are. This is to say that anyone could literally work in Daycares or a Pre-school’s these days. And many times untrained volunteers and parents are doing such without outsiders knowing. Not to mention they are not being paid as they should be for being responsible for others children. In the past I had to actually report a day care my son (at age 2) was going to when I picked him up one day and his eye was bruised and no one at that day care made a proper incident report or bothered to call me between the hours they had him from 9am – 4pm. Of course no one there treated his eye area either! Im sure that there has to be some decent daycares and pre-schools somewhere for toddlers and toddlers recieving services like mine but I have yet to find them. The people and the environment would have to be safe enough for my child. Their interests would have to be soley on education and NOT medication. All too many times facilities for children on the spectrum disorder operate on the basis of selling pharmactical drugs for profit/kickbacks/Funding to toddlers in disguise of helping their development. Nevermind, the side effects! They have all sorts of “medical staff” and “social workers” not there to truely help the child and the parents but to do the opposite. Seeking to act on behalf of a child they do not know to ultimately have control and profit off of. Yes, of course many have a concious and actually do more positive than harm but it has to be said that there is a very thin line when money is involved.

Anyway, I thought to share this to give comfort to any other parent(s) who wished to have their child(ren) educated by other means than public school. For those who are like me and have been harrassed via mail and phone by the Dept of Ed over Universal Pre-K enrollmemt which is NOT MANDATORY in NYC nor the only educational option! If your child is speacial needs or has any developmental delays wheter physical, emotional or mentally or not and you know that everyday they would be bruised and swollen or something else detrimental to their well being if not properly monitored by the right kind of people or in the right kind of setting then you know that one size does not fit all and have your common sense reasons for seeking/exploring or continuing what is best for YOUR CHILD(REN). If those who work supposively for children’s best interest do not seek to know this much but blindly reccomend things then understand that they have ulterior motives! I suppose much could never be expected from those who push for children to be guinea pigs for all sorts of new vaccines for profit. Never admitting that vaccines are not a one size fits all and the 1# reason for almost all cases of children being diagnosed on the Spectrum with Autism/Neurological damage. Since the Dept of Health works with the Dept of Ed and neither want to link when a child has last recieved their vaccines to the fevers, seizures, lack of eye contact, lost of speech, various sensitivities and abnormal behavior or worst a paralyzed state and death even if its days apart from a wellness visit for shots/vaccines. Shots that have been proven to have heavy metals infused in them as cheap perservatives, blood that no one gets tested prior to receieving and dairy/nut by products again no child is tested for prior to getting the vaccine. Parents aren’t even given pamplets about all that is in these shots to begin with and the possible side effects like in my unfortuante case where my sons former Doctor advised that it was safe for him to get two or more shots a visit that equals over vaccination for many and raises the dangers! Or should I say did do so in his case! It is the elephant in the room even when parents have witnessed the horrific damages first hand and HONEST Doctors concerned with peoples well being and not profit have pointed to this epidemic only to mysteriously die not to long after due to “natural causes” or become discredited to discourage others in the medical field from being vocal and harming big Pharmas cash cow.

Please continue to love yourselves and your little ones. I wish those about to start pre school/Universal Pre-k and above all the very best! I will be looking for programs specifically designed for children like my son in regards to dancing or karate to enroll him in for the fall to get all his energy out and have some wonderful experiences! Talk to you guys later…..hopefully I get my Bobos and Degusta box before Sept 1st!


I cant say for a fact that the owner saw my blog post and then phoned me. I’ll just have my suspicions. Of course he could have really wanted to check up on my son. He called a couple mins ago to inquire wheter or not he was okay. I told him that he was and asked if in the future he had to sub if he could tell me and that I did not know his qualifications. Perhaps that struck a nerve because he exhaled heavily and said that he was the supervisor of all the PT’s and I believe he said he was a PT and that he has been doing this for 25 years. Now I let people know Im college educated but when folks tell me how long they have been working with kids as if ALL kids are the same I cannot relate to them. My son is not a copy but an original and is different from all the other kids at the therapeutic center. They are all different. When he said my son fell alot and that he wanted to challenge him I thought but have you observed a regular session of his. In any case at least the man/owner called regardless of how short and frank he was as it felt forced or against his will honesty but I wont dwell on it anymore. I expressed my expectations and concerns. My little ones arm is sore to the touch but the swelling is gone and the bruising that remains will hopefully be gone in a couple of days. Because of my sons mentality I cant help but to be concerned when he has hurt himself outside of my presence and advocate for him. He is unable to do so for himself. I have and now life goes on….

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