Im curious and so are you I see

I have been curious about a few things as the days go by and I constantly recieve comments on one particular post. Is it a way to remain neutral in front of others by avoiding commenting on any other posts? Is this post the one that comes up most in your online searches?
Do you feel more comfortable leaving a comment where others have left one? Have you guys declared that one post the notify Tiesha post 😄.
That “Good afternoon and Happy Almost Friday…Day” post seems very popular these days. Wheter with real readers or spammers. I appreciate the love either way! Again, I was just curious and to address some of you guys questions in one shot here goes.

1. I Tiesha am the only one blogging hence my first post. I paid to create this space to express myself and will continue to do so. I have set things up in a very basic and clean manner for a reason.(I like getting to the point)

2. No, Im not interested in sharing which web hosting site I am using for various reasons. My apologies

3. I’m a novice when it comes to all this but I’am learning all by myself how to do this day by day. I learn something new almost every other day in regards to ways I can “improve” my site but Im not too interested in making mine look like a cash cow. You know with ads everywhere…I personally hate all that click bait stuff. But if anyone has any ideas that they really want to share with me you know how to contact me and if not keep reading. Im not opposed to suggestions but will always stay true to my own nature.

4. I dont worry about thieves who lack the ability to communicate and therefore troll for others work.

5. I only hoped that others would read my posts and enjoy or relate to them. Take what was useful and enjoy their lives. Which leads to the next answer..

6. I have not set up a means for you to contact me here for if you are a regular visitor you would have come across my other social media platforms like youtube and can message me there. Im not big on various emails and etc. Its me here and on youtube offering visuals!

7. I really strive to be just me. Not a copy.

8. I really am a geek at heart in regards to my love and apreaciation for the written word in (comic or Manga) form particularly lol. I read books too but they have to be under the romance or supernatural genre….ah who am I kidding those self help books and history books are my thing as well. Aw and children books thanks to my little one! I love pins (that you wear) so this is why I like the Lootcrate boxes but sadly the Anime box is my preference and phone charms are given instead of pins. So, I visit Hot topic whenever I get the chance or Ebay. I also ONLY watch shows with subtitles….basically k dramas, J dramas and Taiwanese dramas and Anime. My love for foreign films started with African movies! Have you ever seen the African movie called BEYONCE?

9. Thats all folks!

10. Enjoy your day!

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