Trying a new Subscription by Kiwi Crate!

Hello Kiwi Crate! I was on the fence about this particular crate because I do enjoy entering Teacher stores for activities to engage my little one in but wondered how he would react seeing as this would come in the mail and they would have his name printed somewhere for him. He gets random boxes as is right now and pretends he is doing unboxings with his existing toys so I believe like his excitement for the Eggdrop box he will be even more excited since its hands on crafts we can do together! He loves watching Cookie Swirl C on youtube (his favorite youtuber) as well as some others who do unboxings and record creative projects. His new favorite vocabulary word is “Customize”. Toddlers using technology coupled with your monitoring and interacting can be very educational! So, after I watched the famous blogger and youtuber The Subscription Box Mom on youtube unbox the July and August Koala Crate I got excited and said what the heck moments ago and after searching for a coupon code and finding one on I was able to get his first month box for $13.95. Next month it will cost me $19.99. I will definately update you guys on this box when we recieve it and complete the activities!  I selected the Koala crate for Ages 3-4. There are other age appropriate boxes! If you are like me….a teacher at heart then check them out for yourselves by watching some unboxings using the link above with The Subscription Box Mom. If you end up wanting to subscribe then use my link and enjoy since Im pretty sure you will be able to save a few dollars with this link Koala Crate from Kiwi Crate but if not go to that retailmenot link I shared above for a coupon code to get your first box 30% off! Heck, check that site out in general for coupon codes for when you are about to order anything online. I always do!

The teacher in me could not resist this box so here I’am talking about it at 8:38AM in the morning….. Anyway, I’ll be back soon to chat about some other subscription boxes and life…..URGH LIFE lol. It’s a blessing to wake up and see each day with your loved ones but then someone goes and says something stupid or something stupid happens and you think oh “good grief” I was having such a great day too! Life, well it wouldn’t be interesting if we didn’t have any stories to sit and talk about right? Talk to you guys later!

9/01/16 @ 8:39AM


We recieved the box yesterday!  And I did a very brief…sort of unboxing lol. I wanted to show you what to expect but will take pics of everything and place here for you in a couple of days before we put everything together. Check it out here Koala Crate Unboxing

Sunday 9/11/16 @ 12:22pm



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