September 2016 Degusta US Box!


It arrived last night….yeeeesssss! Lol, Im such a foodie. I recorded the unboxing but Im thinking now that I should have just waited for this morning since I know I’m more alert and it is just me up! I swear doing videos when your sleepy is never the way to go. But Im always anxious to share what I have gotten while it is in its original state. My little one throws everything and I myself dont know how they got all that stuff in the box because me repackaging it did not work out at all lol. Anyway, heres a way too long unboxing video link for you (18 min….yeeeaaa) and an image to get an idea of what we got this month if you dont want to bother with the video here ➡September 2016 Degusta US unboxing20160914_235337

As always here is a referral link to get your first box at a discounted price! Half off to be exact, so thats $9.99 for your first months box! And $19.99 a month onward with your monthly subscription. Just click here ➡Degustausbox . Unlike what I had thought as I started the unboxing I actually recieved alot of bonus items or additional items that I greatly appreciated!  One can never have too much peanut butter and cereal 😊 And I may just give that sleep spray a go. Until next time…..✌

9/15/16 (Thursday) 8:32AM

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