My BoBo’s box has landed…literally!



***For whatever reason which would be theirs…the post I shared on their facebook page on Sept 21, 2016 of what I recieved and the youtube links to my unboxing was hidden. As a response I took it upon myself to delete the youtube unboxing videos I had up, unlike and unfollow their facebook page. And I do not plan to ever EVER ever ever ever subscribe to them again. You see, there are no posts from individuals who look like me and I find that odd as at least I posted something on the visitors post area and it was hidden by Sept 28 or after. There are posts by others that go back further than Sept 21. Now wheter they did not want someone like me sharing that I bought their box or they went to my page where I had shared info on issues plaguing the African American communities in this Country and then decided they did not want my posts to be seen on their fb page. Or if others felt that way I DO NOT know. BUT I find it very strange and therefore I shall not support them going forward. To those who look like them or whatever….knock yourself out and enjoy! I have experienced enough to know in 2016 that people’s true colors are showing at every corner.*** Here are some images/screenshots of what you cannot find on their fb page anymore. But you can find posts from Sept 19th and earlier up to this date. I’am extremely disappointed in them and this experience.


So hello to all my regular readers! I said my BoBo’s box landed…literally because I opened the door to go outside and it was there in the hallway which is better than it being outside but that was a first I have to say. Usually the door bell rings and I or another answers and comes back with a package. I dont know what the heck happened today but it arrived injury free and I loved everything inside. If you dont know what BoBo’s is just click the highlighted area to go directly to their site and learn more. I have talked about them in previous posts so you can also check those blog posts 0ut. I learned why everyone is always so pleased with their box as I was with mine. I did not check alot of boxes but I filled out alot of info on the written parts of their survey and they went by both. Im a happy camper. I have to say it was worth the wait in my opinion and I greatly appreaciate the note left on one of the Daria books I recieved. Their personal touches are very touching….well duh lol. You know what I mean. Well, when Im not as tired as I am right now I’ll take more pics and upload them so for now you can check out my Part 1 and Part 2 unboxings on youtube. Until next time ✌

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