What Justice?

Soooooooo… in the last week the US citizens have seen on live TV or via the internet

1.Guns planted on a dead African American male that resulted in them saying those were gloves that appeared and not the gun(s) they claimed he had. And of course the officers said that they “feared for their lives” when they clearly outnumbered the unarmed victim. The discovery of the planted guns or “gloves” was shown in a slow motion replay of the LIVE CNN BROADCAST. You see the body on ground and officers watching the camera man so when the recorder panned away BOOM just like that guns MAGICALLY APPEARED ON THE GROUND! Link right here!

2.A video said to be of an NYPD cop beating and raping a young African American girl in a holding cell that hours later showed up on the web as an incident that took place in South Africa (saw these sources as weak but this is an issue in South Africa in general) which if you didn’t know was the new America as the lands are beautiful so Europeans and wealthy white Americans have moved there and white washed it to the point that Native (Decendants/Of color) South African girls had to protest not to long ago to WEAR THEIR GOD GIVEN NATURAL HAIR TO SCHOOL…. IN THEIR NATIVE LANDS which are now being occupied/controlled and run by large amounts of outsiders who clearly have no love, appreacition or respect for the original INHABITANTS of South Africa or ones image that is distinct to their DNA aside from their own #BottomLine. Cop raping teen (NYPD or South African, either way this is sick )

*AND NOW THE VIDEO WAS BANNED BY INSTAGRAM BUT I TOOK SCREEN SHOTS. I couldn’t or wouldn’t download it rather* Im sure you can find it somewhere on Youtube or etc. Millions saw this video in the last two days who would have saved it.

screenshot_2016-09-23-23-09-16screenshot_2016-09-23-23-10-31screenshot_2016-09-23-23-10-17He punches her to knock her out and…..

3.Countless sports teams taking a knee when the first innocent lines of our otherwise racist National Anthem song begins. The lyrics are now globally known and no one can dispute the fact that it is not fitting nor has it ever been for a so called “Melting Pot” of a Country. Which thanks to technology in everyones hands we and the world are able to see how those in Authority really feel hence the action by athletes to take a knee since when it comes to people of color ESPECIALLY it would appear those who are suppose to be seen as protectors are now seen as lynch mobs they ought to fear and never call on.

4.Governers caught in their Ku Klux Klan robs and an US rep for North Carolina saying things like “The Protestors in Charlotte hate white people because they are successful and they’re not” If you have been paying attention to real news and not the Govt run media you caught that. And then the mainstream media may have mentioned it and his fake apology.

You know I just want to wake up and the Aura feel like it did in 1995….the energy and current climate of our Country is disturbing and it is the same eleswhere. I couldn’t avoid mentioning the crimes being committed and allowed or welcomed by our our “Government” which makes everyone see that the motives of the elected are not for the general publics best interest nor has it ever been. When everyday the media backs those with a badge as if they are not people with their own minds and bias we see very clearly what is going on. I say this is hell on earth and you make each day something different with whom you spend your days with and where you go and dont go. I understand that those who see whites taken into custody who have guns out and all cannot understand how it could NOT be the dead black mans/womans fault. But that is a delusional and blind way of thinking, if you are awake and know the history of all people and in particularly this Country you would get it. If you consider yourself a Human being you would want justice and senseless killing to end. I hear all the time this is all to create a race war but for those of color or aboriginal decent there has been an race war since Columbus and the men from prison (thieves, rapists, killers, pedophiles) the Queen gave him to find new lands ended up here in America and all the other places. Though without such crimes being committed by Law Enforcement and others that we KNOW OF you wouldn’t know how much we have never changed. History is repeating and we have a first row seat to witness the blatant cover ups and deceit shown by those in positions of power.

I’ll try to put myself in a happy place as if we dont live in a #sicksadworld. I do know some good people. People who want others to have food, clothes and shelter. An education, their parents ALIVE and a clean safe neighborhood no matter the color of their skin or personal beliefs. Im thankful for those real Human Beings that I do know. Im thankful for the little things that make my day. Im hopeful despite it all.





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