January 2017 Degusta Box 😍


Hey everyone! Now, before I get into this months box I want to acknowledge that this box was perhaps a miss for many this month. I chalk that up to last months box being spectacular and having catered to the Holiday vibes with something most would love which was CAKE AND FROSTING MIX! Anyway, this box in my opinion was geared towards our little ones. My little one got excited to see the Pancake mix, little bites and fruit snacks. I on the other has was excited to see the jerky, curry sauce and whisps! I know every month can’t be outstanding but to me it was still a decent box and worth my $20. I have not taken a ton of pics but I did upload my unboxing vid so if your curious give it a look. I’ll talk to you guy’s later ✌

January 2017 DegustaUSA unboxing!


JANUARY 23RD 2017 (MONDAY) @10:12AM

That Jolly Time popcorn was disgusting! I made one bag and it was butterless and instead had a very STRONG CHEMICAL TASTE!!! I shared that with the subscription company in a survey and what they do with that info…. (shruggs). That box with two packs of popcorn left went in the trash!!!