Time for a change! Entrepreneurs Galore!

Hello everyone! It is 11:02AM on this dreary Saturday morning as I begin to type. I have the lights off but my little one’s beam of light from his I pad and the annoying high pitched voice of a youtuber I have grown use to is all that fills this room right now. Yeeeeeaaaaa motherhood, gotta love it 😊 Anyway, I wanted to drop in and share with you all some of the most inspiring people I have come across in a good while. As you should know by now I’am not white and so the ways I experience life is not the same as my white counterparts. When I was a child and as an adult I was and have always been confronted and shown successful people or people who were considered beautiful who were non black. It didn’t bother me as I taught myself real history and understood as I do now why there has always been inequality in the way EVERY race has been portrayed ESPEACIALLY mine. If others were portrayed there would be limited excitment as some nonsense stereotype would be attached to them and what not. I’am never the less thankful for the shows I did get to watch as a child/teen that were decent like “A different World”, “The Cosby Show” and when I got a little more mature “Living Single”. Let me not forget my childhood favorite “Reading Rainbow”! Well, during the last two weeks in particular and thanks to IG, I was able to view multiple black owned businesses and even interview one Entrepreneur who prefers “Brown Entrepreneur”, to be exact and I like that lol.  (His interview is here)

I believe what we non whites need today more than anything else is to see our own within our communities doing big things. Making their dreams come true. Yes, I know plenty get accepted to the College of their choice and go on to be successful and Im not saying these individuals Im about to highlight have not but most of them are people with a clear stance on how they would like to give back to their community. To work within their community. To INSPIRE THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. SELF REPRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING. And one in particular whom has observed a need within their own community and has worked to fill that void is the first Entrepreneur I would like to introduce whom goes by the name of flip_the_hood_technologist on IG and who owns Fliptendo Electronics!  You can  follow his VR (virtual reality) Official Page at fliptendo_vr and hear first hand why he created the affordable ($65) Virtual Reality headset and controller! I highly recommend it! (See his images below)





Now unto the next inspirational Entrepreneur who has a product that as a woman I totally respect! Houseofhaya ! If you click that link above you will be taken to their IG page where you can see all of their creative and wonderfully handmade Satin Bonnets! Here are some of their images…their Bonnets are sooooo amazing!





This next Entrepreneur has a product that I find just as useful and that you will see has some similarities! They are ShopSkatsz ! These women have created a masterpiece by sewing into their beanies a satin lining! You can stay warm, cute and confident that your hairs moisture is being maintained. They actually have a Kickstarter Campaign so if you like what you see please click the link I just shared in blue to support these talented business women! See some of their images below…





I so love everything I have shared so far but Im not dooonnneee…..there are more awesome people that I have to share with you so keep reading!

This next company stole my heart with their zodiac themed make up! Im still awaiting my lippie in Gemini so you guys know Im going to post all about that but anyway this company’s name is Mercuryiii and this link takes you to their IG page to explore all the goodies but you can also click here to go straight to their website mercuryiii.com. Just a word of advice. If you check out with paypal, when you are taken to paypal and then back to their website to finalize the payment wait a few minutes for the page to come up stating that you want to confirm your order….so that you are actually placing an order lol. I actually thought after being brought back to their page that I was all done and when I never recieved a email confirmation I contacted them via IG and they were very understanding and patient with me. Everything was cleared up in mins and yea I can’t wait to get my Gemini on! See their images below…





Omg did I forget to mention that their Products are VEGAN!!!! Love it 😍😍😍…yeeeaaaa Im Bias right now lol. Anyway check them out for more images and info on their make up line and support them!

Okay, let me move along….I think this will be my longest blog post ever. This next company is based out of Houston with their product being made in Ghana, West Africa they are Africaonmyback! That is the link to their IG page and here is their website Africaonmyback.com. I dont even want to say anything the pics speak for themselves as well as the support that they have receieved since their launch on April. 1st 2017. See their images below and support if you love what you see (All made with Kente cloth)





Now, this last person I’am about to share with you is someone I was able to interview via IG messenger! Yes, yes I did! His name is Mr.Lockett and he is the proud owner of Caiken Urban Fit! That link will take you to his website and this one will take you to his IG page Caiken_imabrand. As you will learn during the interview he also has Caiken Cookies! Please know now that your mouth will water as you scroll his IG page full of delicious cookies.  I could summarize our conversation but would much rather type out here how it went…..(this is exciting) Check out the interview below right after some of his images…





Me: Your age now and when you first started your Bakery?

Mr.Lockett: I’am 26 about to be 27 on August 2nd and I started my Bakery at age 24.

Me: Inspiration? I read where you said something about your mother being the reason you bake…can you elaborate?

Mr.Lockett: My mother loved chocolate chip cookies. That was her favorite. I remember right before she went to the hospital she told my cousin don’t touch her cookies. She be back…. She did not come back…

Mr.Lockett: I believe she sowed alot of seeds in me…..Chocolate chip cookies was one.

Me: Im sorry. How old were you when you lost your mother?

Mr.Lockett: I was five years old when she passed away…She passed away around Mother’s Day in 1996.

Me: Of all your cookie creations…What are your most popular cookies? Be it most requested or most sold. And I believe I know the answer to this already but please tell me, to what do you accredit your success to. Was it your education? Your prior work experience? Your networking abilities?

Mr.Lockett: Hands down the Chocolate Chip cookies. They are called Richie Richie. They have a higher butter content and 90% more chocolate chips than any cookie on the market.

Me: Hmmmm sounds Delicious!

Mr.Lockett: I believe all in a sense to the above. However, the key to my success is my mother. Her love, is something like Jesus love. My mother had so much potential. I just want to keep her alive through my business ventures….she is my driving force and inspiration.

Me: (Nodding) Okay, can you tell me the set up of your bakery. Is it in house or outside the home at another location? And do you provide any sort of catering for speacial events like Birthday parties?

Mr.Lockett: For now the Bakery is still under construction. It has taken a back seat until enough funds are made to attain.

Me: Okay

Mr.Lockett: I do donate cookies and give free samples out to keep my name out there and to have people taste my product.

Me: Smart

Mr.Lockett: (smiley emoji)

Me: (I recpricated with one as well) And so this leads me to inquiring about CaikenUrbanfit

Mr.Lockett: Okay…

Me: So when did you come up with the idea to start that venture. I know it is fund the Bakery. But clothing or fashion, do you have an overall interest in such? And if so did that contribute to your decision?

Mr.Lockett: It all started in 2016 but what educated me was the movie “Joy”. I learned alot about the business through that movie…

Me: “Joy”?

Mr.Lockett: At this moment Caiken is only featuring other brands to generate money to have it’s own hats, T-shirts and etc. I would like to do alot more but I know I have to start small and build my way up….

(Mr. Lockett provided me with a image for the cover of the movie “Joy” and a image of the synopsis. The release date of this film was December. 13th 2015)

Me: I understand and thank you for the image of the movie. I have never heard of it before. Oh, and for the synopsis!

Mr.Lockett: Yes…..I even bought it just to remind myself to stay focused.

Me: Awwwww (thumbs up) So I had to scroll up right quick. You are 26 and were 24 when you started your bakery so it was 2015.

Mr.Lockett: Yes….I have been baking and cooking all my life.

Me: What state are you located in?

Mr.Lockett: Kentucky. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Me: Ultimately, where do you see Caiken Urban fit and Caiken Cookies in the next….10 years? And in what if any ways will you be active in your community? If you are active in any ways now please share.

Mr.Lockett: Being a household name. With establishments in every state. And I would like to open a Entrepreneur center. Caiken will hire all races and disadvantage minorities. Caiken will be a Equal Opportunity work place.

Me: NICE! Do you have any promotions/sales that will be going on this Easter Weekend?

Mr.Lockett: Yes, we have 20% off with promo code (caikendeal4u) and buy 2 get 1 free with the promo code (LhookupCA)

Me: Great! Is there anything that you would like to share with the readers? Any advice? And for the purpose of my post do you identify with Black or African American. Both or other? I intended to refer to you as a Black Entrepreneur  and so this is why I would like to confirm by asking.

Mr.Lockett: Sky is the limit. You are in control of your own destiny. When someone gives you a No then you search for a Yes. Stay focused. Stay on the grind, this Caikenimabrand what’s good…I identify as Brown/Mixed.A I’am predominantly African mixed with European and Asian.

Me: How would you like me to refer to you?

Mr.Lockett: Brown Entrepreneur will be great. Caiken likes to be different….

Me: Aha! Okay then. Thank you very much for your time!!

Mr.Lockett: Your welcome…Thank you for taking the time out of your day for Caiken…

I appreacite Mr. Lockett of Caikenimabrand so very much for his time! This is Tiesha and I hope everyone who reads this post and clicks the links to check out these wonderful Entrepreneurs have a great weekend! There is a company that I mentioned in a prior post  whom I love and have to shout out right quick run by two sisters Anicosmetics! Love you guys and your bold colors that will help the Gemini in me! Stay sweet ya’ll until my next post. Later ya’ll!

April 15th 2017 @ 2:53pm

*Disclaimer, I do not own any of the photos you see in this post*

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  1. The second use of your time as an entrepreneur is for consumption. What should you be consuming as an entrepreneur? Knowledge, ideas, thoughts and experiences. After creation comes re-creation – the refilling of used up energies. Every act of creation is emptying yourself into something else greater than you.

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