My 2nd time going short…..

Hey everyone! So, I want to keep track of this short hair cut to long hair experience here to look back on and say aaaawwwww. I did this back in 2012 and by June 2017 I looked like this so it wont take too long

I love twists!
I love twists!

In July I joined my mini me when I took him to get his first hair cut ever. He “told” me that I had to do it with him and I said sure! I had been so bored with my hair up to that point not to mention hot and bothered thanks to the heat that I wanted to do a big chop. Dont get it twisted, I loved doing twists on my natural hair but craved a different look. Also, I could tell I had put too much tension on the front of my hair doing styles with the half wigs. Also, I had always been tender headed so my scalp needed a break. Plus, I WANTED MY EDGES! I found out what was in the Ecostyling Gel that I loved so much and what those ingredients did thanks to a very informative youtubers video that could have contributed to the thinning out and lost of some of my edges. I like to think that I’m nice with a half wig…..





But I slowed down and had started to style my own hair just as much….prior to twisting I would mostly rock a puff.


Ultimately, I decided my scalp needed a break from having hair gathered up in buns, pony tails, geled down and twisted and I wanted to enjoy the rest of this summer feeling the breeze on my head and so at the beginning of July with my mini me here I was….20170701_082444-1

Only thing is I totally forgot about my little bald spot thanks to a bad take out session of a glued in weave from my early 20’s -__- lol. You can kinda see it here in the front20170630_211256

But Im over it….can’t you tell lol


Well, it is July 29th 2017 a dreary saturday morning and Im sharing my progress as to date. This is where my hair is at now some weeks later…


And Im having fun with it!20170728_132623




Itches like crazy….


So I’am looking for some great scalp thirst quenching oils and creams now. I’am excited to watch my growth throughout the years to come again.


Even threw a wig on the other day that I had only previously worn as a half when it was intended to be worn as a full wig. Well, it got worn in the “correct” fashion now 😅.

20170728_20005620170728_200525Yup, Im gonna enjoy this hair growth journey to the fullest! Im getting my excercise on as well! Aside from my subscription box blog posts I will drop in every now and again with a length check update. Also, I will be trying some new oils and creams so I will be back to blog about them as well! Until next post, stay sweet 😙

July 29th 2017 at 10:43am


July 2017 WeAreOnyx Box!


What can I say other than I’am completely satisfied with the products selected yet again! The theme was on point and well…I’ll just leave the link to my unboxing video right here WeAreOnyx Unboxing! I have yet to photographe each item but the video will do the items justice. For such a small box it sure packs a punch of goodness 😍