First Snow Shower of December and some realtalk




Hey ya’ll! I was kinda annoyed when I heard ATL had gotten so much snow yet where I’am we were getting rain and hail lol. But then it turned to snow….snow that did’nt really stick but snow none the less as it fell. Now, traditionally I make a chicken wing stew but I have become a Vegan or should I say Im still making the change as Im still using a few by products that are not vegan friendly but mainly because they come in my Degustabox! Will that food box ever curate any Vegan boxes….hmmm time will tell. Anyway, I did’nt make any chicken stew but I used some chicken broth with a cup of Nongshim noodle soup, kale, garlic and raddish to create something just as good!


Today I made the same thing but sauteed some onions as well!

When it snows all I ever want are soups, stews, hot cocoa, coffee, cookies and cake seriously! And my mini me takes after me well almost he kept requesting beef patties with his noodles lol. Ah, thanks to having created some wonderful dishes with the Blue Apron food box I discovered I had been missing out on mashed potatoes as a side and garlic as an ingredient for almost all my dishes! So going forward I will never forget garlic or potatoes on the grocery list. Other than craving certain foods I also just want to dig into a good book, find a good movie unlike my usual desires for K, J and Thai dramas. I also want to take more walks. It’s nice to be inside during a snow storm but to me even more nicer to be in it…..but then again I love taking pics so that may be the big contributing factor in that outdoorsy desire! I wanted to talk about a few other things in this post other than experiencing this Decembers first snow shower so here goes..

 On friday I experienced what it is like to attend yet another community/parent function. To be able to exchange contacts and more with other parents was exciting and encouraging. However, earlier in that day prior to the function someone asked me what else I did besides being a mommy. To that I shared what they should have already known and in fact had been informed of before but then later thought why did I even bother answering them? I already know many literally hate their lives, jobs, living situation or what have them. I already know to see a mom concerned with their child or able to be active in their childs school life and etc may annoy others who could not, can not or do not want to and dont like being compared to those that do. Believe me I ALREADY know the jealousy that others have towards anyone who is doing what they secretly wish they could do. Maybe 1% of the time are such questions asked for some positive informative, reccomendated or suggestive reason. Most people just want to be nosey or the first thing I mentioned. Never has the question been asked to offer or share a job or networking opportunity. Almost never anyway because now that I think of it my brother in law did phone me a month ago because he knows I have a degree in Education and a daycare needed a Teacher or Assitant Teacher however the schedule would not match mine. That is usually the issue. And I always tell folks who seem so interested in my pockets or time that if they find a part time job that I could work the exact hours my mini me is in school that would allow me to leave in time to pick him up let me know! Otherwise, I’m going to stick with the online stuff!

This is the unspoken issue of parents, SINGLE PARENTS with small children AND espeacially speacial needs children who need to provide for them and keep a roof over their head. There are almost 0 realistic positions with schedules that fit their childrens who go to school and have to be picked up and cared for OF COURSE. Or if bused need to be watched when dropped of at their home. The way things are going how could anyone be surprised at the number of children that go missing, or that get into fights or whom are bullied. The number of latch key children just continues to increase and it always hurts my heart to see little 3rd graders walking home by themselves or riding public transportation by themselves. I believe if they were left home alone that would be a problem but somehow it is okay for them to travel to school and back by themseleves. When folks have a problem seeing me with my child I only feel sorry for them because I know their minds are gone. They have let the system re-program them to believe everything is more important than the human being they brought into this world. And I know it is not easy to be an online seller. Business can be so slow and unfruitful. It can be very discouraging but when you know the ability to be there for your family is the highlight then nothing else matters. You try and TRY AGAIN! That is what I’am doing! I personally feel I have so much to offer that it is a matter of organizing, planning, saving and investing. I actually intended to re-start Avon selling and shared my link and everything weeks ago only to learn a few days ago it was de-activated. Apparently Avon has some new ways in which they do things and I have to re-learn some things. In any case as always I will wish for the best AGAIN in that lane. Though it has proven to be very challenging I actually like challenges and want to succeed and meet my goals.

 Im always open to suggestions or information. But Im fully aware when Im just being hated on or envied and for such silly all in their head reasons. I know very well when that is occurring wheter I let one know or not. I also always think WOW these folks have NO IDEA how hard I work with my son who has behavioral/emotional issues. Or simply dont care. Everyday is very hard and exhausting. But because I would never share such hardships or rant about the negative folks get it twisted. Im just a different sort of being. I have an AWESOME MOTHER who raised me! I was taught to keep it pushing. To look at the bright side. To never lose hope. To find what makes me happy. And so you guys would only know my joys as those are what I focus on. As for my dreams something I also always get questioned about quite often well to me it is not a dream worth chasing if everyone knows. Some folks only live to imitate and copy others so I dont throw those bones out to them. Well, I think I talked about the things I wanted to. The main message I want to share is that BEING A MOTHER IS A FULL TIME JOB I dont get paid a dime for doing. It also is the best position I have ever held in my ENTIRE life and I take it very seriously. Wheter society ever admits to it being such or not. Wheter others respect the fact or not does not matter ultimately. Any ADDITIONAL job is great and of course NEEDED in order to be able to provide the life one needs or wants! But dont EXPECT EVERY PARENT TO JUMP AT THE CHANCE TO ABANDON THEIR CHILDREN FOR DOLLARS, OR BE IN THE POSITION TO BE ABLE TO WORK 10+ HOUR SHIFTS SOMEWHERE AND HAVE THEIR CHILDREN CARED FOR OR PUT THEM IN JUST ANYONES CARE SO EASILY FOR DOLLARS.  OR jeopardize their childs MENTAL HEALTH or their own trying to conform to societal norms all for appearances sake or others approval and/or acceptance into some cookie cutter image that represents being a “real parent” in some folks books! If all are being cared for and all of their needs met in a family by alternative means of income that are NOT ILLEGAL but get looked down upon because it is not seen as work by others who clock in and out somewhere and get on FB and complaim about their shift, or as we also know supplemental income assitance recipients that qualify for and recieve aid for various different reasons and get looked negatively upon as well along with the “I live with family” statement I say then that anyone and everyones negative opinion(s) are pure hate and jealousy fueled. People need to ** Realize** that others have a support team and/or situtions that enable, permit or REQUIRE them to work from home. I always encourage others and seek for myself part time jobs that will work with my childs school schedule to enable  me to be there for my child and have not gotten lucky so far but count my success in networking online. Many are SINGLE PARENTS at that like myself. Many have speacial needs children like myself who CANNOT entrust just anyone to watch and care for them! Even parents of normal developing children have to be very cautious these days. People in society should DO MORE to create the realities that are more suitable for all vs judging and hating on others. Or encouraging dyfuntional families by way of forced OVER employment AS MANY HAVE MORE THAN ONE JOB WITH CHILDREN TO PAY unrealistic rent prices. Food for thought. I rarely believe the hype about many people because as long as I see what Im seeing many humans have no humanity and are as cold blooded as reptiles. Compassion and charity starts at home.

When I meet a successful work from home parent or parents that are there for their children and hear their stories it only further motivates me and gives me hope and nothing more. When I meet homemakers who are able for whatever reason to take their children to school and pick them up that makes me happy. I had a mom who did such and whom began working when I was in J.H.S. and STILL works and LOVES what she does and only started when she knew she did not have to worry about me or my sister. Yes she had some family support to do so. That is something else this world needs more of. Families that dont hate on each other but uplift one another . Build with one another. Respect and love one another differences and all. I dont have a perfect family as nothing is perfect but they have been the support which allows me to properly and idealy be there for my child. I understand this is how it should be for everyone to make it in this society today. A society that if you paid any attention to is hell bent on the destruction of families. And family values.

Until next post, stay sweet



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