Getting down to business in 2018!


I did not start out blogging with the intent to spread ads all over my pages. Instead, as I went on day to day…month to month I knew I would drop links here and there to places I truely felt were worth patronizing! Or referral links to subscriptions boxes that I loved! And Im still going to do just that in 2018! However, a long time ago I created a pay pal account and then this link that I figured I would post up here eventually for those who commented in the past that they liked my posts and wish I had a donate button. Well, they were on to something! I dont think that setting up a speacial donate link is necessary as I do have this pay pal link that anyone can drop whatever they want to into and Im sharing it finally! Just know if you did contribute anything it would be appreaciated and more than likely fund a food box, old or new for me to review! Or just for whatever I think the majority of you guys were into reading about that I have not talked about in a while. (Mainly because I have unsubsribed to quite a few boxes) That is all I wanna say in my FIRST POST OF the NEW YEAR! When I post again it will be about something very different but as always fun or informative and totally what Im into or passionate about. Until my next post, stay sweet ✌


01/02/18 @ 9:03PM

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