July 2017 WeAreOnyx Box!


What can I say other than I’am completely satisfied with the products selected yet again! The theme was on point and well…I’ll just leave the link to my unboxing video right here WeAreOnyx Unboxing! I have yet to photographe each item but the video will do the items justice. For such a small box it sure packs a punch of goodness 😍


First We Are Onyx Box!


Hey guys! I totally could not patiently wait for this so I will just cut the small talk and get right into what we all recieved this month and for me my very first box from We Are Onyx!



Oh, let me just say that I’am hype about every single product! I shared the card above that on one side features the artwork and on the other the contents so you can see right away that this box is giving you value! I was able to subscribe with a code for $5 off each month for the duration of my stay with them making this and my future boxes $20 flat! Can you see why Im excited 😄But even at the orignal price of $25 this box is worth it! Now unto the first item by Rutz Naturals for your viewing pleasure…..





And the Second product by Oils Of The World…..



Now the third item by Eden BodyWorks almost made me cry when I thought it had all spilled out since the exterior was wet but it had not and the bottle does not have any punctures so we are good. It just leaked a little (Unlike the other oil this one did not come in bubble wrap ) Smells amazing so I’m happy it is still full!



And the fourth item by Measurable Difference a blush in Strawberry Sorbet 😍 I like Blushes…I normally use them as eyeshadow too so guess who is happy 😊



The fifth item is by ColourPop and from their Lippie Stix line in the color Dukes Matte!





They even included and in their own words “A lil nugget of gratitude!” By Rutz Naturals



I’am very happy I decided to try this box out! It looked like a box that would have items that not only I but my mini me could use and they did not disappoint! I will be back to add my opinions on the other items as we use them. The lippie Stix is already a winner because come on you can’t go wrong with a lippe really. If I had recieved an undesirable color I would have mixed it with another to create a whole new color but that was not the case today. I usually receive pink lippies from other subscriptions so this was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Also, it says matte but it has a subtle shine and is very smooth and moisturizing!

Until next post, stay sweet. Im out ✌

Wednesday June 21th 2017 @8:11pm

“Volume Up” theme….so two “sistas” this month were used for it….hhhmmm


Hey ya’ll! So, I have already shared the contents of my IPSY Glam Bag on social media but I saved a few of my personal thoughts for here and a private account so here goes! I love the bag every single month that I receive it or that I’m subscribed to receive one.

It appears that they really do pay attention to your product reviews and the whole nine yards. They even went as far as to have one of the three faces of Ipsy be a young beautiful female of color aka what we call “Black”. And yes, she has blue eyes……so it would appear that it was too much to expect a black woman with a common eye color to be selected just like when “Blondes” with blue eyes are used when that is not a common physical trait. In any case at least they have included ALL representations more or less like the different types of people that subscribe to their beauty bag. I totally give them props for that! I already know what type of world and industry this is (sigh). One thing is always said like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and another thing is always projected like a standard of beauty or beauty hierarchy which tells you who the beholder is at the end of the day as far as how this society sees it lol. Before I get into what grinded my gears lets just take a look at what I got this month. I’ll post the link to my YouTube channel below so that you can see everything better afterwards.


Oh, I even took advantage of a Ipsy Deal they had and this is what came in that box


I have to say the polish so far is my favorite product from that offer!



Okay. Now, having said all the above lets Tak about what grinded my gears. The theme was what? VOLUME UP…. and they chose this month to have not one but TWO women of color for this theme that are not usually used for their campaigns and etc. Some may have missed the stereotyping but I did not! Sadly, in this Country and all over the world Women of color are said and ALWAYS depicted to be loud mouthed, outspoken or unmanageable females. Usually the darker the black female is the more “ratchet” her character has been as we have seen portrayed for YEARS on TV shows, movies and music. To the point that I honestly believe many sistas have bought into that image but that is a whole different topic for another post. Anyway, of ALL the months I find it no coincidence that two “black females” were used to promote the theme “Volume Up” and as they elaborated they wanted everyone to challenge themselves in regards to “Fearlessly Expressing” Themselves

-____- So for me it read as if and always that the only females who can do such are Black Woman. Bottom line, I found the whole bit insulting to me and to all the other race of women but then again black women are always depicted and have been for years as loud mouths and etc so this subliminal stereotypically representation nonsense probably went over so many peoples heads. You can think what you may or want to. I mean maybe others felt or will feel it was a compliment! To each their own. I CAN  understand that as well and play devils advocate. I could have said to myself “Hey, who better to showcase for “Volume Up” than women of color whose natural hair defys gravity and whom could have easily modeled whatever line of mascara that promised volume. Whom have been labeled outspoken and etc primarily because they/we have had to speak up against SEVERAL INJUSTICES against us and our people throughout history so “surprise surprise” the stigma that is attached to us til this day is of such so why not own it! I know the flip side. TRUST ME. But Im just sharing what was my pet peeve this month regardless! And to my recollection I have never disliked their themes or execution of them. Even when they did not have anyone who looked like me I thought well hell that’s a just the normal run of the muck American style Advertising and Marketing by any other race to leave out those of color and if a company did include us I knew they just wanted our money or to appear politically correct lol (Shrugs). I can’t say for a fact that it was INTENTIONALLY done to offend anyone so I wont dwell on it. Of course it absolutely may have been done with the thought that no one would see it as such. They tend to put their “best foot forward” with positive vibes/images/messages out that it would be hard to suspect that. I only really care about the products coming my way each month so I saw the subs and brushed it to the side until some mins ago when I decided to blog. And in this day and age it may be a trivial matter and/or of little importance to anyone. And I know no one or no company is perfect so I will let them have this one. Anyway for a much better look at the products I receieved and their size check out my Ipsy Unbagging video on Youtube.

Until the next bag or box….stay sweet ✌

Monday 6/19/17 @12:18AM


December 2016 Ipsy Bag 😍

Hey ya’ll, I’m just going to jump right in with the pics of the products from my December Ipsy bag yaaaasssss lol


















This hand cream smells so good! 😍 And I pretty much loved everything I recieved in this months bag. After my vacation from them this was a great start to another beautiful experience. I got a pink lippie (unlike what it looks like in its container) when at first I thought it would be a RED lippie I had hoped for by Tarte……but I will take it! I like the texture or consistency but not the applicator but hey we can’t win them all.

Ha! 😋

Again, this bag with 4 to 5 deluxe or full size samples of beauty products is $10.89 a month! You take a survey to recieve products geared to your likes! If you want to get the January bag just use my referral link and enjoy. (Ipsy!) Talk to ya’ll later, stay sweet ✌

12/17/2016 @ 10:23am


Good Afternoon, is your “MyBestBox” on it’s way because mine is 😌


I cant wait! A lifestyle box for me and my Little one to try out as they sometimes have some very healthy edible goodies in their boxes or smoothie ingredients! Along with some non edible items that are practical/useful! If your interested then use my referral link to check them out My Best Box! You will also be receiving $5 off your first box if you choose to subscribe with my referral link! That takes care of the shipping fee for the most part so that you only pay the cost of the box which is $24.99 and some change. One dollar ($1) to be exact towards shipping. So not bad at all especially for the quality items I have seen others recieve in their boxes via Youtube unboxings.

Also, check out the Founder and her description of the company and more here via Good News Baltimore’s Youtube Channel My Best Box CEO and Founder

Talk to you guys later and thanks for stopping by 😙

October 1st 2016 @ 3:05pm

June 2016 Ipsy Bag!!!

Hello everyone! This month I had to be cheap and choose one beauty bag subscription to continue and I ended up selecting Ipsy! I seriously am sad that I wont be getting the Lipmonthly bag this month and I only discontinued it because I have way too many lippies that I need to go through. With that being said here is what I got this month with my $10.89 from Ipsy this month 😎





June 16th @ 5:57PM

May 2016 Lipmonthly bag!!!

Hey everyone 😙, this month’s May Lipmonthly bag was awesome in my opinion!  We recieved four items but the Retail vaule for all four added up to $68.95 and if you are subscribed you pay a little less than $13 a month for this bag! Just like Ipsy we get a make up bag of a different design each month and 4 to 5 products. Check the items out below!20160521_143156

So Susan, Jello shot (lip and cheek stain) Vegan, 99% Natural, 78% water based, No mineral oil, No parabens, No Phthalates, No Gluten, Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic


In the Color Guilty Pleasure
In the Color Guilty Pleasure




5/21/16 @3:10pm (sat)

“Oh Snap” Literally! The May 2016 Ipsy Bag has arrived

Ipsy is something eles! Just when I thought that they could not impress me anymore they went and designed the cutest make up bag for our goodies to be sent to us in thus far. No zipper this time but a snap closure and numerous places tourist would want to visit when traveling all over the world on this bag.


In addition, I can say I received another great selection of wearable makeup/beauty products…..YEESSSSS! A lip balm by The Organic Pharmacy, a eyeshadow quad by Pacifica, a shimmer bronzer by HIKARI, mascara by Smashbox  and hair oil by EVA NYC. With two additional lippies I selected using some of my points by Lip Lacquer! The first thing and only thing I have used so far was “The Organics Pharmacy, Antioxidant Lip Balm”. Smelled great but the texture left me wanting more….sort of on the watery side….and I hate that. But the scent is amazing and so are the ingredients. I will do some research on this company to confirm wheter they are 100% organic or what later….since the name says organic at least some percentage of the materials used or product “should” be organic…right??? Then again Pharmacy is in their name hmmmm. ANYWAY, Lol, I wont bore you guys with a bunch of images because I shared what would come in my May bag in the post before the one after this so yea if you want close ups please refer to that post. I’ll just show you a couple pics. Flash….no flash and re-positioned. As always, for $10.89 a month total this is a great experience and way to learn about various products. As well as start your make up stash!


And oh yea, here goes a pic of me with some of the Antioxidant lip balm on after using another sheet mask by Tony Moly called Nutrition that did not irritate my skin at all. So like I said in my prior post about my first experience using sheet masks, every mask in that Tony Moly set has different ingredients and purposes so I will stay away from the very icy feeling one called Clear skin in the future lol. Im in love with sheet masks now!!!

20160513_164411Urgh, still have not figured out how to upload some images even after I have rotated them (SORRY)  But you get the point.


My next post shall be about the May 2016 Universal Yums box so stay tuned!

5/13/16 @6:21PM



It’s the little things….May Ipsy bag Spoiler alert!

Well, Hello again! As you can see from my last blog post I know just how messed up the world is or just how messed up a large majority of the people in this world can be. I use to be obsessed with informing others of this and of my faith to enlighten and save them but not anymore. I know not everyone is mentally prepared to have the wool pulled from over their eyes. And I hate wasting my time and/or breath. I also hate debating when most know less than me but use other means or tactics to appear knowlegeable or big and bad lol. It gets rather old and boring. What is meant for some is not meant for all is my understanding as to date. Instead, I share whatever I come across daily that reflects what I have already known and then go to my escape zone of make up, music, literature, Mangas, Games and etc. That is if I have no assignments for my little one to complete or he has not made any requests of me lol. Since he has shown great improvements in certain areas I try to give in to activities that he wants to do that involves what all kids love these days. Tablets and Youtube mystery toy unboxings….or Shopkins. Yup! But onto the point of this blog and semi highlight of my day. My Ipsy spoiler email that led me to their site where I saw my May Ipsy Bag goodies! And here they are below…






As you can see everything I shall recieve will be super useful and for $10.89 a month this experience really cant be beat!  If you want to check this subscription service out just click this link Ipsy or any of the highlighted words! Oh yea, due to my accumulated points from reviewing products, sharing on social media and those who used my link to subscribe I selected these two lippies by Modelco to recieve along with my May Bag! Yeessss Im lovin’ it. Its the little things…..


5/6/16 Friday @ 2:23pm

Goodafternoon world…

20160314_17511720160318_185402Hello to those who clicked my link to see if I posted anything as of recently and thank you XoXo! This past week has been full of surprises to say the least but I shall save the VERY personal stories for when I blow up and start vlogging and etc lol. Oh how the times have changed lol anyway for now I will stick to the outer layers of my life and the things or people in it that make it worth wild! Shout out to my mom, her Uncle (my great Uncle) and Aunt in Harlem who may read this one day. I love you all very much. Shout out to all the GOOD and CARING Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers and Principles that still exist. The communities of people everywhere and I thank you for your contributions! I thank the creator daily for the gift of opening my eyes and having food, clothes, shelter, my loved ones and for being in my right mind…… (Takes a deep breath) Now, onto what has lifted my spirits in such trying times. As you may have noticed, espeacially if you follow me on instagram is that I’am a huge geek! I call myself the “well rounded geek of 2016″….its okay go ahead and laugh! Well, I enjoy watching various youtubers do their unboxings of subscription box/bag services they utilize and always discover something new. This week I learned of the Super Geek Box! And their theme for March was LIGHTENING! They gave a cute talking sonic plush keychain, an awesone blue t-shirt that featured a husky Sonic sitting next to a bowl of onion rings and holding a onion ring as the words above him read “Hoard of the Rings” lol. There was some other stuff that Im sure everyone enjoyed getting like the poster that showed a dragon ball Z character vs superman and…well I cannot the recall the rest because the tee and plush stole the show for me! I swear I was so saddened to just learn of this box as it is now sold out 😢. I thought I had a handle on the various boxes of this sort and their themes but I was wrong. You win some and you lose some (Shruggs) Meanwhile, I was pleasantly pleased with my Beauty Bags both Lipmonthly and Ipsy. My anime box from Lootcrate was a eeehhhhh yes I loved it because of the RWBY shirt, Manga and keychain but that was it. Im of age and all but would have loved a coffee mug vs the shot glasses. Thats just me. Check out Lootcrate for yourself! Other than my subscription uplift moments I get so much joy from cooking and playing with my make up collection. Im sort of a perfectionist or rather anal so practice makes perfect! My lil one and his cousins have taught me so much about myself this week as children are so observant and can be very optimistic. They were one of the biggest up lifting mechanisms thus far. Life is so interesting. Many cannot see themselves but regardless they are being seen. That makes everything worth wild as in life you go through things that allow you to see just who and how many individuals are really great human beings. Anyway….I hope those still reading have something or someone (s) that give them life everyday. And when I recieve some other subscription goodies I decided to try out thanks to good ole coupon codes I will be sure to talk about them and post pics. Until next time✌

Sat. 3/19/16 2:58pm