A Dragon Ball Z item!!!

I’am patiently awaiting my May…….Lootanime…..box by…..Lootcrate!!!!

They mentioned Dragon Ball Z along with some other names Im not very familiar with that will be in this Unity themed box and Im so hyped. That show is nostalgic for me. Just like the orignal Sailor Moon!

OKAY, Im gonna shut up now. This was just a spontaneous and random expression of my excitement. Im done……..really. That’s all I wanted to say 😂😛 Talk to whomever is reading this later!

5/11/16 11:29PM

Body Image…..


Hello everyone 😙

Sooooooo, body image is so important to EVERYONE! Including myself! I aint even gonna lie. But to me its a problem when folks are only unhappy with their outer apperance because they compare themselves to airbrushed, cosmetic surgery and unhealthy celebrities or even non celebrities. Thats a BIG problem to me. I once weighed 160 and at that weight I wanted to wear crop tops because I wanted to showcase my results of hardwork and pierced my belly. I felt healhty and accomplished that I had lost so much weight as I intended to. Now pushing 230 wheter I look it or not to others I feel good but I know I would feel better being able to wear things only presented or created for smaller sizes. And in all honesty I just want to go shopping anywhere and thats possible for smaller sized individuals. And so due to my love of fashion in a sense and to be my healthiest might I add I try my best to be conscious of how much I consume and what! Thats just me. I know how I can lose weight quickly (working out 4x a week) or slowly (eating less and healthier ). Never do I look at other women and think Im ugly because I’m not their size. I love myself fat or skinny. I look good either size. One is more obviously acceptable but that is not my motivation to lose weight or my concern. I  dont compare myself to them and they are not my role models or ideal image of Beauty. We all look good at different sizes in my opinion and we all look good at different sizes to others. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I shared the pic an instagramer shared because it was very true of what most of us have thought at one point in our life man, woman or child. It cracked me up and made me smile because it is life. Anyway, I hope everyone reading stops feeling bad about their size or comparing themselves to others. The entertainment world is just that ENTERTAINMENT. And women are objectified non stop. And so are men on some level. We all need to be mindful of the younger generation that watches all the entertainment, reads the magazines and music videos that depict one type of woman and do our part to embrace reality. Off my soapbox. Write you later ✌

Disclaimer *No one neither I or the instagramer who shared the image declared ownership of the meme/picture/image*

Tuesday 03/22/16 at 2:49pm

Hello world!

My name is Tiesha, that’s 3 syllables 😁 by the way (Ti-e-sha) but you can call me Tie! It has been a dream of mine to be able to write about what I love and ….what I don’t love (hate is such a strong word) and so here I’am finally. It only took me about $70 and 6 hours of researching which web host I would sign up with but I made it😭😪😆 Now, what will I be sharing you might be wondering well here goes….EVERYTHING! Because life is far from black and white and BELIEVE ME I thought of starting a blog where I only talked about the Beauty and Geek box Subscription services I enjoy. Or the Avon products I sell but I’m into so much more like cooking/baking and educating the younger generations of blacks on who paved the way for me and them. I’m into social events whether they be good or bad (Shruggs). Kickrocs and yes I misspelled it on purpose, has always been my choice of words towards those with ignorance as their first language and my tag name elsewhere. So that is how the name of my sweet little blog and etc was selected. I hope all of you reading are as open minded and compassionate as I’am so that you will enjoy your visit. But if Not….well 😏