Good Afternoon, is your “MyBestBox” on it’s way because mine is 😌


I cant wait! A lifestyle box for me and my Little one to try out as they sometimes have some very healthy edible goodies in their boxes or smoothie ingredients! Along with some non edible items that are practical/useful! If your interested then use my referral link to check them out My Best Box! You will also be receiving $5 off your first box if you choose to subscribe with my referral link! That takes care of the shipping fee for the most part so that you only pay the cost of the box which is $24.99 and some change. One dollar ($1) to be exact towards shipping. So not bad at all especially for the quality items I have seen others recieve in their boxes via Youtube unboxings.

Also, check out the Founder and her description of the company and more here via Good News Baltimore’s Youtube Channel My Best Box CEO and Founder

Talk to you guys later and thanks for stopping by 😙

October 1st 2016 @ 3:05pm

One Koala Crate Activity completed!

I will just share the upload of the activity we completed so far for you guys to check out right here Hobby Horse Activity! Tommorow we will do another and Im looking forward to October’s Crate! For more info check their site right here using my referral link Kiwicrate!  If you want you can also read my first blog post from some weeks ago about them and the various boxes for different age groups. The Koala Crate is for ages 3-4! “I’ll be back” ✌

Tuesday September 27th 2016 @5:55pm

My BoBo’s box has landed…literally!



***For whatever reason which would be theirs…the post I shared on their facebook page on Sept 21, 2016 of what I recieved and the youtube links to my unboxing was hidden. As a response I took it upon myself to delete the youtube unboxing videos I had up, unlike and unfollow their facebook page. And I do not plan to ever EVER ever ever ever subscribe to them again. You see, there are no posts from individuals who look like me and I find that odd as at least I posted something on the visitors post area and it was hidden by Sept 28 or after. There are posts by others that go back further than Sept 21. Now wheter they did not want someone like me sharing that I bought their box or they went to my page where I had shared info on issues plaguing the African American communities in this Country and then decided they did not want my posts to be seen on their fb page. Or if others felt that way I DO NOT know. BUT I find it very strange and therefore I shall not support them going forward. To those who look like them or whatever….knock yourself out and enjoy! I have experienced enough to know in 2016 that people’s true colors are showing at every corner.*** Here are some images/screenshots of what you cannot find on their fb page anymore. But you can find posts from Sept 19th and earlier up to this date. I’am extremely disappointed in them and this experience.


So hello to all my regular readers! I said my BoBo’s box landed…literally because I opened the door to go outside and it was there in the hallway which is better than it being outside but that was a first I have to say. Usually the door bell rings and I or another answers and comes back with a package. I dont know what the heck happened today but it arrived injury free and I loved everything inside. If you dont know what BoBo’s is just click the highlighted area to go directly to their site and learn more. I have talked about them in previous posts so you can also check those blog posts 0ut. I learned why everyone is always so pleased with their box as I was with mine. I did not check alot of boxes but I filled out alot of info on the written parts of their survey and they went by both. Im a happy camper. I have to say it was worth the wait in my opinion and I greatly appreaciate the note left on one of the Daria books I recieved. Their personal touches are very touching….well duh lol. You know what I mean. Well, when Im not as tired as I am right now I’ll take more pics and upload them so for now you can check out my Part 1 and Part 2 unboxings on youtube. Until next time ✌

9/22/16 @12:00am Thursday20160921_210849-1

Trying a new Subscription by Kiwi Crate!

Hello Kiwi Crate! I was on the fence about this particular crate because I do enjoy entering Teacher stores for activities to engage my little one in but wondered how he would react seeing as this would come in the mail and they would have his name printed somewhere for him. He gets random boxes as is right now and pretends he is doing unboxings with his existing toys so I believe like his excitement for the Eggdrop box he will be even more excited since its hands on crafts we can do together! He loves watching Cookie Swirl C on youtube (his favorite youtuber) as well as some others who do unboxings and record creative projects. His new favorite vocabulary word is “Customize”. Toddlers using technology coupled with your monitoring and interacting can be very educational! So, after I watched the famous blogger and youtuber The Subscription Box Mom on youtube unbox the July and August Koala Crate I got excited and said what the heck moments ago and after searching for a coupon code and finding one on I was able to get his first month box for $13.95. Next month it will cost me $19.99. I will definately update you guys on this box when we recieve it and complete the activities!  I selected the Koala crate for Ages 3-4. There are other age appropriate boxes! If you are like me….a teacher at heart then check them out for yourselves by watching some unboxings using the link above with The Subscription Box Mom. If you end up wanting to subscribe then use my link and enjoy since Im pretty sure you will be able to save a few dollars with this link Koala Crate from Kiwi Crate but if not go to that retailmenot link I shared above for a coupon code to get your first box 30% off! Heck, check that site out in general for coupon codes for when you are about to order anything online. I always do!

The teacher in me could not resist this box so here I’am talking about it at 8:38AM in the morning….. Anyway, I’ll be back soon to chat about some other subscription boxes and life…..URGH LIFE lol. It’s a blessing to wake up and see each day with your loved ones but then someone goes and says something stupid or something stupid happens and you think oh “good grief” I was having such a great day too! Life, well it wouldn’t be interesting if we didn’t have any stories to sit and talk about right? Talk to you guys later!

9/01/16 @ 8:39AM


We recieved the box yesterday!  And I did a very brief…sort of unboxing lol. I wanted to show you what to expect but will take pics of everything and place here for you in a couple of days before we put everything together. Check it out here Koala Crate Unboxing

Sunday 9/11/16 @ 12:22pm



Patiently awaiting the BOBO’S Box and MORE!

Hey everyone, how’s it hanging? Im inside laying down trying to rest….yes “trying” is the operative word lol. All the sad racial inspired events all over this Country and beyond is really getting to be too much. Too much to consume and then say hey everything is great in America! To say racism is a thing of the past. To say an officers job is to protect and serve! Sorry but no one is buying that narrative anymore. The cats out the bag!  I actually think many (citizens and those who joined the police force to do good) will need psychological help after each day that pasts with mainstream media defending killers in uniform time and time again and social media and REAL independent reporters showing the real videos of horrific crimes everyday with a person of colors life being lost. Then, to walk outside in my predominantly black community along with many others and see the “I dont care about life anymore attitude exhibited or I dont care what others think so Im gonna curse outloud and act a fool and etc” the youth have adopted because they see and know the injustices is nothing new to their people but are told to go to school and etc as if everything in society/their neighborhoods are ok…. or that they are safe. Yea……that’s not going to work much longer. People all over need to address the elephant in the room. Pick a side and stay there! If you care about ALL LIVES which means you understand why people of color keep saying Black lives matter then acknowledge when injustices are systematically being carried out! If you dont then….go scream “Make America Great Again” raise the US flag and keep up the good show of patriotism in the face of civil unrest (shruggs). As for me I know the mentalities of the majority of people walking around are everywhere so I shall stay to myself. Speak positive into existence for those who cant picture it and continue to enjoy this thing called life in my own way that really seems like a dream sometimes. “Row Row Row your boat…gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream” A youtuber I recently subscribed to spoke about this…anyway onto the reason you clicked the link and opened this post! I always watch Nerdy Newb’s unboxings on youtube and she introduced us to BoBos (Big ol Box of stuff) subscription service box  that caters to the same sorts of geeks and nerds that Lootcrate and others cater to with TWO exceptions!  ONE, you answer a survey where you check boxes and answer questions so that your box is more personalized and TWO you will not be automatically charged for the next months box. You pay in August and get your first box shortly after and then nothing unless YOU go to their website and pay for the next box! Win win to me. So you get to see what they are all about with the first box and skip the next month and every other month if you want or pay for the next one. So Im patiently waiting to see if what I wrote in will be used to fill my box. Crossing fingers for DARIAS (old 90’s mtv animated series) merchandise and Bobs Burgers Merchandise! Other than that….ah Im a foodie and always want to make sure there is plenty of healthy food and snacks here for my LO so I bought a mystery box of food/snacks from the Company whose subscription service box I enjoyed but felt offered too little for the price and unsubscribed from called Love With Food! They have July Mystery boxes still available where you pay $19.99 for 25 – 35 items! Free shipping! And before I forget to mention this while here editing as I type this lol I started using this app called Influenster , I log in review items that I have used wheter I loved or hated them. Give input as to how they could have been improved and yea just enjoy giving my two cents about various products. As a gift for reviewing, answering others questions or participating in contests you are sometimes found qualified to recieve complimentary products for testing purposes! So I recieved some samples of Tresemme pre-wash and shampoo yesterday and gave them a try and reviewed them. I also posted a video on youtube that I’ll share the link to here later. If your interested in sharing your honest opinions and possibly receiving some items to try then click the link above! To check out “Love with food” you can check out my earlier posts in snacks/food subscriptions for their link! Until I get these boxes ya’ll stay safe. Stay HUMAN. TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Know that everyone is not the same and be the change you want to see. Later ✌

So the Eggdrop box finally DROPPED!


Hey again! I’ll drop the link right now to us (me and my LO whom I ordered this for) showing what was inside the Eggdrop box! I’ll be back with images of each item very soon 😊 Eggdrop Box!

*Update on Wednesday July 6th 2016 at 12 noon of images*



This tsum tsum is MIA but it was buzz light year
This tsum tsum is MIA but it was buzz light year
Found him 7/09/16, Buzz light year Tsum Tsum
Found him 7/09/16, Buzz light year Tsum Tsum
Buzz lightyear
Buzz lightyear



My first Gamer Girl Monthly Box!


Hello again! How are you? Im finnnneee 😎😎😎 literally. Anyway, I recently recieved my first ever Gamer Girl Monthly box for May and the theme was Attack! Now, Im not the biggest gamer. I only play games on my psp. Throwback I know BUT when I saw the past cute game related accessories I could not resist. I did not think about how I have sensitive skin and cannot wear all custom jewelry when I decided to subscribe I just hoped for the best. Well, I got the box as you will see from the images below and tried wearing the earrings and the burning irritation was immediate ( fyi, I once had my belly button pierced in the past and that first ring that MANY get with any piercing was used and taught me a valuable lesson on how sensitive my skin is and to remember that…..needless to say I dont have a belly piercing now. I wont even bother with it again using solid Gold or silver either-I’M TRAUMTIZED)Anyway, 😕😧😧😧😢😢😢😢 those playstation earrings were my favorite item out of the four items we recieved too! Oh well, see pics below! I also shared a video on youtube and will try to leave the link here later for that. (Youtube video link below now)

Youtube video of Gamer Girl Monthly May 2016









So the Halo ring is cute. The Great smelling Bath Bomb that they associated with the Final fantasy game should be awesome when used and the Final fantasy necklace is of decent quality. Sadly, I will have to give away the Playstation earrings 😟😟😟 Overall I would rate this box a 8 out of 10 with 10 being the best. I have not rated boxes like this before but will start. I like everything they sent and feel it was worth my $13.99. Adding in the fact that the WOW factor of this and other boxes is that we dont know what to expect even with a theme its still a SURPRISE! I do wish shipping was free but hey 👐 You win some and you lose some lol. I also wish that some sensitive skin jewelry was sent but again you win some and you lose some. For this reason I wont get the June box but I will definately be watching the various social media sites to see what everyone recieved!


Well, if you dont have sensitive skin I would definately reccomend this box! I will share the image of the subsription details below so ENJOY! Write you later!




EggDrop! (MiniMystery bag Subscription


Now, how could I resist this!!!! Eggdrop, has various mystery or surprise bags that they send to you vs buying them individually which can get a little pricey. However, from the feedback I read and watched I learned that you get just about what you would spend elsewhere on this box. Only difference is that you dont know what you will be getting so if you like mysteries this is up your alley. I thought I would try this more so for my LO who is into watching the youtube mystery bag openings/unboxings like the shopkins and marvel mystery collect them all bags and Kinder surprise eggs videos. He should love this no matter what he receives and so I dont think I will feel disappointed.  I must admit I saw my favorite youtuber Nerdy Newb do an unboxing for May already but that was my first time seeing an unboxing so Im not sure if we all get identical boxes or not? I hope not so my LO can get at least one Shopkins surprise bag but if not (shruggs) the mystery of the others will be enough for him Im sure. If you are interested in these boxes then click this link  Eggdrop, SAVE and enjoy 😉 Write you later!

*Update, I subscribed in May before the 10th when they start shipping so I actually wont get the first box til June. I forgot that was the case. So I’ll keep hope alive for a Shopkins item in the June box for my LO*

5/18/16 (wed) @ 11:41 AM

My April 2016 Geeky Subscription box Haul!!!!!

Lets just get into it! First box to arrive was the Geekfuel Monthly Mystery Box! 20160421_205422

I heard some Doctor Who stuff would be inside and I was not disappointed! I got a Doctor Who comic and a set of Doctor Who coasters! The t – shirt was cool! And the star wars figure was pretty neat to see in this box!




The second box to come was the Lootcrate Core box! Lootcrate has sooo many different kinds of boxes like an anime one I also subscribed for!20160422_161508

Love everything! Espeacially the Lootcrate pin and shirt!


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