“Oh Snap” Literally! The May 2016 Ipsy Bag has arrived

Ipsy is something eles! Just when I thought that they could not impress me anymore they went and designed the cutest make up bag for our goodies to be sent to us in thus far. No zipper this time but a snap closure and numerous places tourist would want to visit when traveling all over the world on this bag.


In addition, I can say I received another great selection of wearable makeup/beauty products…..YEESSSSS! A lip balm by The Organic Pharmacy, a eyeshadow quad by Pacifica, a shimmer bronzer by HIKARI, mascara by Smashbox  and hair oil by EVA NYC. With two additional lippies I selected using some of my points by Lip Lacquer! The first thing and only thing I have used so far was “The Organics Pharmacy, Antioxidant Lip Balm”. Smelled great but the texture left me wanting more….sort of on the watery side….and I hate that. But the scent is amazing and so are the ingredients. I will do some research on this company to confirm wheter they are 100% organic or what later….since the name says organic at least some percentage of the materials used or product “should” be organic…right??? Then again Pharmacy is in their name hmmmm. ANYWAY, Lol, I wont bore you guys with a bunch of images because I shared what would come in my May bag in the post before the one after this so yea if you want close ups please refer to that post. I’ll just show you a couple pics. Flash….no flash and re-positioned. As always, for $10.89 a month total this is a great experience and way to learn about various products. As well as start your make up stash!


And oh yea, here goes a pic of me with some of the Antioxidant lip balm on after using another sheet mask by Tony Moly called Nutrition that did not irritate my skin at all. So like I said in my prior post about my first experience using sheet masks, every mask in that Tony Moly set has different ingredients and purposes so I will stay away from the very icy feeling one called Clear skin in the future lol. Im in love with sheet masks now!!!

20160513_164411Urgh, still have not figured out how to upload some images even after I have rotated them (SORRY)  But you get the point.


My next post shall be about the May 2016 Universal Yums box so stay tuned!

5/13/16 @6:21PM



A Dragon Ball Z item!!!

I’am patiently awaiting my May…….Lootanime…..box by…..Lootcrate!!!!

They mentioned Dragon Ball Z along with some other names Im not very familiar with that will be in this Unity themed box and Im so hyped. That show is nostalgic for me. Just like the orignal Sailor Moon!

OKAY, Im gonna shut up now. This was just a spontaneous and random expression of my excitement. Im done……..really. That’s all I wanted to say 😂😛 Talk to whomever is reading this later!

5/11/16 11:29PM

It’s the little things….May Ipsy bag Spoiler alert!

Well, Hello again! As you can see from my last blog post I know just how messed up the world is or just how messed up a large majority of the people in this world can be. I use to be obsessed with informing others of this and of my faith to enlighten and save them but not anymore. I know not everyone is mentally prepared to have the wool pulled from over their eyes. And I hate wasting my time and/or breath. I also hate debating when most know less than me but use other means or tactics to appear knowlegeable or big and bad lol. It gets rather old and boring. What is meant for some is not meant for all is my understanding as to date. Instead, I share whatever I come across daily that reflects what I have already known and then go to my escape zone of make up, music, literature, Mangas, Games and etc. That is if I have no assignments for my little one to complete or he has not made any requests of me lol. Since he has shown great improvements in certain areas I try to give in to activities that he wants to do that involves what all kids love these days. Tablets and Youtube mystery toy unboxings….or Shopkins. Yup! But onto the point of this blog and semi highlight of my day. My Ipsy spoiler email that led me to their site where I saw my May Ipsy Bag goodies! And here they are below…






As you can see everything I shall recieve will be super useful and for $10.89 a month this experience really cant be beat!  If you want to check this subscription service out just click this link Ipsy or any of the highlighted words! Oh yea, due to my accumulated points from reviewing products, sharing on social media and those who used my link to subscribe I selected these two lippies by Modelco to recieve along with my May Bag! Yeessss Im lovin’ it. Its the little things…..


5/6/16 Friday @ 2:23pm

My First couple of experiences with Mask Sheets!

Hello Hello….hello! So, I recieved my first mask sheets ever in my entire life in my April 2016 Ipsy bag. And it was actually the last product I opened from that bag.




Approximately three days ago I tried one of the two Purlisse Lotus + Seaweed Sheet Masks and FULLY ENJOYED it! (As you can see from the pics above) It was so cooling and I loved the aroma of the masks ingredients that got to sit on my face for 15 mins. It was awesome. And I had 0 skin irritations! I loved it so much I gave the other to my uncle to give to his wife! Im weird. I know when most people love something they dont share….well Im only like that when it comes to Pitaschio Haagen Dazs ice cream and Baileys Irish Cream! Im so serious (-_-) lol. Well, I know Ipsy which by the way if unfamiliar with you can learn more about from some of my earlier blogs. Quick catch up for you though. It is a $10.89 a month beauty subscription that sends out 4 -5 deluxe or full size products in a different styled make up bag every month. Okay, got it? Good! Now, I know Ipsy offers discount codes on most of the stuff we get so I checked the site and saw that the actual company offered a discount on their site so I went over to Purlisse’ website and discovered the following shownScreenshot_2016-05-05-18-37-16I

Riiigghhhht so one mask is $8.00….😯😣😧….and a pack of 6 is $36.00. Now, I bet the ingredients used make these worth this much I wont say that they are not worth it. And therefore  I’am very grateful to Ipsy for giving me not one but 2 of these maskes valued at $8.00 each when I also got other items in my bag that cost me only $10.89! But I didn’t have it like that since I always look to try out different subscription services each month. So, I did the next best thing and logged onto Amazon where the Purlisse masks could not be found BUT I stumbled upon these pictured below…


Now, I didn’t even take the time to compare the ingredients I just added these “I’m Real” variety pack sheet mask of 11 for $11.48 (Amazon Prime account price) by TonyMoly to my cart and hoped for the best! (You only see 10 in pic above because I offered one to my cousin in law to try. She selected the Seaweed sheet mask) Well, let me tell you I was not disappointed…….much.  The one I actually used less than an hour ago was the Clear Skin one in the white packaging. It smelled great but it was much more cooling than the Purlisse to the point that I thought it would burn my face but it didn’t lol. I rubbed some onto my neck because I enjoyed the aroma and it kind of irritated my neck. I became itchy but for only a few mins. This did not occur with the Purlisse brand one. Overall, since the irritations were short lived and my face was unaffected all that time I forgave what occured and already made up my mind to use another one next week. As each has different purposes and ingredients the others may or may not give me the same experience. The one I used was named Rice Mask… see pic below 😊…



I really like how my face looks after removing the mask that I kept on for 20 mins as this brand said 20 – 30 mins on face. Sorry about the upside down pictures like the one below…


I have to figure out how to rotate them even though they are fine prior to downloading here….uuurrgghhh. Anyway, I dont know what I will try next but I shall blog about it! Otherwise….what was the whole point of starting this up….right?…Yea ….I’ll shut up now. Write you later ✌

5/5/16 Thursday @7:26pm

My April 2016 Geeky Subscription box Haul!!!!!

Lets just get into it! First box to arrive was the Geekfuel Monthly Mystery Box! 20160421_205422

I heard some Doctor Who stuff would be inside and I was not disappointed! I got a Doctor Who comic and a set of Doctor Who coasters! The t – shirt was cool! And the star wars figure was pretty neat to see in this box!




The second box to come was the Lootcrate Core box! Lootcrate has sooo many different kinds of boxes like an anime one I also subscribed for!20160422_161508

Love everything! Espeacially the Lootcrate pin and shirt!


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My first Candy Club box and Universal Yums Box! (Former post stated it was the Treatsie box despite the clear uploaded pics of the Universal Yums box, please excuse the error! Sorry Treatsie and Universal Yums for the mix up )

Puffbands and Eco Gel OH MY!

It is 4:37AM in the #NYC 4/6/16 (Weds) as I type this on instagram….I woke up early as hell as usual thanks to my rountine bathroom trip and looked in the mirror and thought OKAY! I normally use my own headbands I create with various materials from old shirts or sweats and etc but I ordered these #Afro #puffbands to see how they would work out. I love that my hair is not being pulled yet it stays in place and with only two loops around! Then, because of various youtubers sharing this #EcoGel in their #hairtutorials I felt compelled to try it. Well, look at my hair a whole 24hrs later with IMG_20160406_044545NO SCARF USED WHILE SLEEPING! My #hair is still being held strong. No flacking or hardness. This Gel is amazing! Very grateful to those who share good product info! Alright….time for some music ✌….or will I actually go back to sleep. Dun dun dun

If you would like to purchase some Puffbands ($7.99) and Eco Gel ($6.49) (I have a prime account so cost may vary) check them out on Amazon.com!

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